Baronial Bardic championship at Bjorn’s Ceilidh

Announcing: at Bjorn’s Ceilidh (Saturday November 11), their Excellencies JP and Lylie will be selecting the next Bardic champion for the Barony of Concordia of the Snows.

The competition will be held in three rounds, with the following format:

  • Round one: perform the piece with which you are most comfortable. Show us what you do best.
  • Round two: perform a piece you have never before shared in competition. Stretch and surprise us.
  • Round three: perform a piece that is documented as having origins in the medieval period. Documentation should at most be half a page or fill an index card. The piece can be wholly from period, a contrafact if a period work, or composed in a period form or style.

To compete, you must either be a resident of Concordia, or willing to give your fealty to the Barony on being chosen. Please inform the current baronial bard, Drake Oranwood, of your intention to compete either privately or at Ceilidh.

Competitors should only enter if they are prepared to serve as Baronial bard if selected by their Excellencies, and have no duties or obligations which would prevent them from serving appropriately.

The responsibilities include:

  • Attend the majority of Concordian events and participate in any Baronial Court held at those events.
  • Attend the Baron and Baroness at some out of Barony events, including Pennsic if possible.
  • Wear the regalia of your position.
  • Supervise (or delegate) the Bardic competition and War Point at the Wars of the Roses.
  • Organize next year’s Baronial Champion competition to choose your successor.

In service,

Lord Drake Oranwood

Baronial Bard


Wars of the Roses: Bardic Competition

Announcing the Bardic competition for the Wars of the Roses!

The Wars of the Roses were a 30 year conflict fought over who had the legitimate claim to the throne of England.

In the Medieval period, no less than our present day, the people’s belief in the legitimacy of their ruler was crucial to maintaining peace and prosperity.

Your challenge is to bring to the competition a piece on the topic of legitimacy: how it is conveyed, earned, created, or projected (or not), and why that matters (or doesn’t) in the outcome of the story you are telling.

In service,
Drake Oranwood, Baronial Bard, Concordia of the Snows

Teasers #8 and 9

I feel behind on these, what with getting ready for the Laurels’ Prize Tourney yesterday (which I will post about a bit later). Let’s get caught up now.

Article: Create Your Masterpiece

A member of the Bardic Arts group on Facebook shared this article called “Create Your Masterpiece”. I read this, and recognize the steps I went through in getting Hidden Gold done. It’s powerful stuff, and worth your time.

Pennsic Performances You Should Know About

Pennsic 45 begins this weekend. Before I head out, I wanted to mention that there are some wonderful friends of mine being showcased this year in the Performing Arts tent who don’t (or haven’t) regularly performed there. You should definitely check these folks out, if you’re wondering how to be profoundly entertained at War:

  • Monday August 8, 8-9 pm: Mar Yaakov HaMizrachi, Tales from “The Book of Delight”
    Tah Sh’ma! Come and hear! Storyteller Mar Yaakov HaMizrachi in performance of his reconstruction of the period work “The Book of Delight” by Yosef ben Meir Ibn Zabara. Zabara wrote this classic work of folk tales in about the year 1200 in Toledo, Spain. Hear how a clever fox seeks to trick a foolish leopard to his doom! Only the leopard’s wise wife stands between our Well Meaning but Foolish Hero and his certain death! In this contest of wit between a loving wife and a cunning foe, whose cleverness shall prevail?
    I wanted to mention this performance first because it’s a late addition to the schedule, and thus may not end up listed in the printed book. Continue reading

Norse Oddity (David Bowie Tribute)

I wanted a tribute to David Bowie I could sing at bardic circles, like the one this coming Sunday. I don’t often filk, but sometimes, whatcha gonna do? So I reached out to the hive mind…enjoy, and feel free to make use if you feel called.

Norse Oddity (to the tune of “Space Oddity”)

By Juliean Galak and Eric Schrager (with help from the Filker and SCA Bardic Arts Facebook groups)

Oarsman Troels to Captain Bjørn
Oarsman Troels to Captain Bjørn
Eat your salted cod and put your helmet on
Oarsman Troels to Captain Bjørn
We’ve got our oars down, let’s row on
Check the sails now, and may Thor’s luck be with you…

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