New song: Concordian Soil

I have now posted a song page for “Concordian Soil”, the new piece I debuted a week ago at Wars of the Roses.

Bardic at Roses

Reminder: Bardic at Wars of the Roses this weekend will be held at the same time and place as last year, Saturday 8:30 pm at the Bardic area. The theme of the competition is legitimacy to rule. See you there.

In service, Drake

Wars of the Roses: Bardic Competition

Announcing the Bardic competition for the Wars of the Roses!

The Wars of the Roses were a 30 year conflict fought over who had the legitimate claim to the throne of England.

In the Medieval period, no less than our present day, the people’s belief in the legitimacy of their ruler was crucial to maintaining peace and prosperity.

Your challenge is to bring to the competition a piece on the topic of legitimacy: how it is conveyed, earned, created, or projected (or not), and why that matters (or doesn’t) in the outcome of the story you are telling.

In service,
Drake Oranwood, Baronial Bard, Concordia of the Snows

Meet Charlotte Stark of Æthelmearc!

The SCA Bardic Arts group on Facebook has been a hive of recent activity, to my great delight. Maybe it’s the late arrival of Spring, I don’t know. But when a bold and eager young bard introduced herself as Charlotte Stark of Æthelmearc, I immediately commented:

(By the way, I am SO going to challenge you to write an amusing song or poem with the refrain “I’m Charlotte Stark of Æthelmearc!” Because you need to have repeated opportunities to say that. It’s delightful.)

I was being tongue-in-cheek, but also serious. And in that spirit, Charlotte answered my morning’s challenge with a full set of lyrics that very evening. I’m sharing them with her permission, and great delight, because in not quite four weeks, but she has composed a tune, recorded it with a lovely sure voice, and posted it on SoundCloud. I’m thrilled to see someone fall in love with bardic like this (she has written at least three songs already that I know of), and if I’m not mistaken we will get at least a taste of her talent at Pennsic this year.

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New song page: “The Binding of Isaac”

I recently added a song page for my Thomas Campion contrafact “The Binding of Isaac”, which I perform with my son Spencer. Now that it is part of my repertoire (and indeed, one of a handful of songs for which I can actually play the lute part when I perform it, and one of these days hopefully we’ll record that), it deserves a page of its own, independent of the blog post about the assignment from which it originated.

New song page: “I asked of thee a boon”

The song page for my first original Elizabethan-style composition, “I asked of thee a boon”, is now available.I asked of thee a boon folio