Classes Taught

These pages are for classes I have taught in the SCA.

  • Songwriting to Tell a Story: Principles and guidelines for constructing tight, compelling, original SCA-appropriate songs that capture and hold an audience.
  • The New Bard’s Road Map: A how-to primer for new/aspiring bards. Developing repertoire, finding performance opportunities, seeking mentors and patrons, joining the community.
  • Thy Name Is Woman (Elizabethan Women, Mansplained): We explore, via period songs and plays written by men, the complex and conflicted attitudes held around women and their role in Elizabethan England.
  • My Guitar’s Persona Is a Lute: Learn how to tune and play your guitar as if it were a lute, how to find and read lute tablature. Guitar not required; all experience levels.
  • The Pleasures & Perils of Making Filk: Exploration of writing and sharing “filks” (new lyrics to an existing, often modern, tune). This is a subset of songwriting skills that can bring laughter and smiles, but it is not appropriate for every venue or situation.
  • Developing Stage Presence: Is “stage presence” just something innate, like “talent”? Or is it something bards can develop and expand through thoughtful planning and preparation? (Hint: It’s option 2.)

5 replies on “Classes Taught”

Lord Drake, it is passing wondrous to explore your site and learn of all the beauteous work you are doing, in the lyric arts and in life. We last visited with one another in the late 1990s, and I delight in the possibility of getting back in touch and hearing your perform in person. Hath you posted a performance schedule for 2019 here? I expect to visit the Eastern Kingdom in mid-August of this year.
With much gratitude,
Margaret of Seaside
(Margaret Hammitt-McDonald

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My dearest Margaret! It is delightful to hear from you again after all these years! While I will be performing in August, it will be happening at the Pennsic War in early August, which is outside the East Kingdom. However, I would be happy to catch up with you, if we can arrange to meet while you are in my neck of the woods.

Yours in service,


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