Studio Day: We Are the East

I had my old high school chum (and Hidden Gold mastering engineer) Neil Fein in the home studio today to record guitar tracks for “We Are the East“, as part of a special project (more about that later). I’m excited to be recording again after taking a year off, and it was fun to be recording guitar tracks with someone I haven’t worked with before as a musician (though Neil accompanied me at a live performance at a party some months ago). Neil brought, as I had hoped, some lovely lyricism and finesse to the song, and I’m very pleased with what we were able to do together in just a few hours. Thanks again, Neil!

Pennsic 45 Bardic Arts Exhibition

For those who yearn to get a broad sampling of the Bardic Arts in one place and time during the daytime, I invite you to check out the Bardic Arts Exhibition, which is returning to Pennsic for the fourth consecutive year. This year it will happen on Monday, August 8 (War Week) from 1 – 4 pm in the Performing Arts Tent.

Master Efenwealt Wystle who founded the original Bardic Arts Exhibition at Pennsic in years gone by, has taken over organizer responsibilities from The Honorable Lady Lorelei Skye, and my intention is to continue to assist in helping bring this about in whatever capacity I may. So for starters, here’s a reminder that we  want performers to sign up for the event. Efenwealt’s signup form is a little simpler than what we’ve used in the last few years, so please take a few minutes to sign up.


Teaching at Pennsic

With two weeks to go until Pennsic, I wanted to share that I will be teaching two brand-new University classes at War this year. One is more History than it is bardic, though it focuses on performance pieces. The classes are:

Thy Name Is Woman: Men on Women in Elizabethan England
(Sunday, August 7, 11am – 12 pm, in A&S tent #1)
An exploration, through songs and poetry of the period, of the complex and conflicted attitudes English culture held around women and their role during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. (Yes, this is the class that grew out of last spring’s reflections on women and power.)

The New Bard’s Road Map
(Wednesday, August 10, 1 – 2 pm, in A&S tent #9)
A how-to primer for new or aspiring bards. Developing a repertoire, finding performance opportunities, seeking mentors and patrons, gaining visibility, becoming part of the bardic community.

If you have interest in either of these topics, I look forward to seeing you there.

Guest Performers Line Up

With a month to go until Pennsic, I’m excited to announce that we’ve lined up an awesome roster of guest performers for this year’s concert. The planned guests include: Sir Kenneth Macquarrie and Mistress Adelaide de Beaumont (aka Ken and Lisa Theriot), Master Efenwealt Wystle, THL Emer nic Aidan, Maistre Lucien de Pontivy, and Duchess Caoilfhionn inghean Fhaoláin.

Yes. It’s going to be kind of a crowded set. (So worth it.) Looking forward to seeing you there! Once again, the concert will be from 8-9 pm Tuesday August 9 (War Week) in the Performing Arts tent.

Pennsic Concert-New Night and Time!

This year’s Pennsic concert is now on the schedule, at a new night at time (Facebook event here). This year, I’m opening for Ken and Lisa Theriot (Sir Kenneth MacQuarrie and Mistress Adelaide de Beaumont), from 8 to 9 pm on Tuesday of War Week (August 9). I have been talking with a number of performers about joining me onstage for some collaborative fun. If you’re around that evening, I hope to see you there!

Wars of the Roses 2016

Over the weekend, we attended Concordia’s Wars of the Roses 37. Got to see old friends and make a few new ones, and it was our first event since K&Q Bardic. Roses is, of course known for its notoriously unpredictable weather (falling as it does on Memorial Day weekend), and this was no exception. This time, of course, we dealt with record-breaking heat. Nevertheless, had a wonderful time, and experienced several firsts. Here are some highlights: Continue reading

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New Demo: “We Are the East”

As promised, I’ve put together a quick rough demo of “We Are the East” with the help of my friend and sometime mastering engineer Neil Fein (on guitar). For those who want to get to know the tune, here you go.