Article: Create Your Masterpiece

A member of the Bardic Arts group on Facebook shared this article called “Create Your Masterpiece”. I read this, and recognize the steps I went through in getting Hidden Gold done. It’s powerful stuff, and worth your time.

Studio Day: We Are the East

Recording with Arden again is a much fun as ever. (And yes, we will share about the project this is part of after the holidays. Promise.)

Baronial Bard of Concordia of the Snows

This past Saturday was the Bjorn’s Ceilidh event up in Concordia, and it was my family’s first SCA event together since Pennsic. Things were a bit subdued with everyone processing the results of the presidential election, but it was really good to get a day with so many of our friends once more.

The Baron and Baroness held a competition to select their new Bardic Champion, and I elected to compete. Last year I was keeping my powder dry while preparing for King’s and Queen’s, but that meant I had expanded my repertoire a bit, and had some pieces in my pocket that hadn’t been seen yet.

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Halloween CD Sale!

It’s Halloween weekend, and as some of you recall Halloween (or Samhain as it was once known) is the setting for “Tam Lin of the Elves”. So I’m having a Halloween sale for the Hidden Gold CD on Kunaki! (Equally important, it’s close to 6 months since my last Kunaki sale, and they delete the thing from their system if I go 6 months without new sales. The world of the indie artist.)

So from now until midnight on Halloween, the CD is only $9.00 plus shipping. (In the US, that means you can get it delivered to your door for just $13.30 total. That’s less than it sells for at events, this weekend only!)

So help keep this thing of beauty in the catalog, support independent music, and all the proceeds go to a school that helps kids with special needs.

Final Pennsic Video: “We Are the East” with Caoilfhionn & Efenwealt

This is the last video from this year’s Pennsic concert. The start of the song is missing, and there are some camera issues (especially at the start), but it’s an opportunity to hear Duchess Caoilfhionn and me performing “We Are the East” together (with Efenwealt on guitar), which was an incredible treat. I hope you enjoy.

Studio Day: Special Guest Vocalist

Tonight was a recording session I’ve been looking forward to for a long time. I got to record vocals for “We Are the East” sung by the duchess who inspired it. Caoilfhionn is one of the most beloved Eastern royals in the last few years with good reason, but there are still many who have not experienced her incredible voice. She is a talented singer (and songwriter), and arranging this song as a duet with her is a true privilege. Geeking out with her about music and our very different experiences in the SCA…that was an added pleasure, because she is a thoughtful and wonderfully honest person.

I promise, I will share more details about the project for which the song is being recorded. Soon…