Studio Day: “We Are the East”, cont’d

Her Grace Caoilfhionn spent a few more hours laying down tracks with me for the forthcoming recording of “We Are the East”. I’m looking forward to doing some editing and mixing next week, because this piece is coming together and I think the end result will do all the contributors proud. 

The opportunity to work on music with Caoilfhionn, as always, is matched only by the joy of getting to geek out about our shared enthusiasms: the SCA, our kingdom, Hamilton, our families, this project and other things we’re working on, the fun of being able to use technology to do things that used to require the services of high-priced professionals. I savor the conversation when I get the chance. 

I’m particularly excited to get into the end game on this recording, because my last-minute performance of the song at K&Q the other week was met with enthusiasm. I’ve had some lovely and unexpected responses from people I had not had the chance to get to know before. So it’s feeling like an especially opportune time to be finishing this recording. 

All these months I’ve spent recording one song, though…makes you wonder, what else will be on this thing? Welllll…stay tuned. More information will start emerging before too much longer.

A few last notes…

  1. I managed to hand off my Winter Nights Champion armband to Sabine, who is coordinating Winter Nights South in Bhakail next weekend. (I am sadly unable to attend.)
  2. I adore my Baron and Baroness.
  3. Combining King’s and Queen’s Bardic Champions with A&S Champions, from where I was sitting, worked overall as an event. It merged two well-attended events into something more on a Coronation scale. If people had to divide their attention between the two competitions, they nonetheless were both seen by a somewhat broader audience, and people came from all over the kingdom to a degree I don’t normally see.
  4. I adore my (adopted) barony.
  5. A year after being taken as Zsof’s apprentice, I finally managed at the same time to have her green apprentice belt (specially made for me) in my custody, have belt holes in it, and wear it at an event.
  6. My kingdom is amazeballs. (And there is no such thing as a bad opportunity to sing about how wonderful it is.)
  7. Helping to open doors and make connections for newer bards is a particular pleasure I don’t think I will ever tire of.
  8. I am staring at a secret piece of art that was crafted with insane loving care and eye-popping color. Katrusha Skomorokh is a goddess. And a genius. And when she told me she was going to pour as much heart and beauty into this cover as was going into the music it would contain, I cannot argue with her.
  9. I finally found my favorite Elizabethan flat cap (stuck in the garb box where I didn’t see it all these months).

That is all.

K&Q Bardic and A&S Champions

Had a wonderful day at K&Q Bardic and A&S Champions. It was really delightful to just be there, not competing and not having to judge. So overjoyed to see Countess Chatrikam Meghanta and Mistress Sabine de Kerbriant chosen as the new King’s and Queen’s bards (respectively). Hard-earned victories in as ferocious a field of competitors as I’ve seen. So proud of my beloved Eastern bards, who fight as fiercely and valiantly as anyone ever could with a blade!

Got to spend time with some of the people I love best in the world and don’t get to see often. Got to scheme about shenanigans, and have a new treasure in my hot little hands. And my son blew us all away performing with me (even as I accompanied us and got through it without serious fumbling! It really helps if I look at my hands when I’m playing!).Oh…and “Get grabbed by the elbow and asked to entertain a Coronation-sized audience with 10 seconds’ notice, because Court is held up”? Check one more off the bucket list. 😁

Coming Soon…

I’ve been dropping hints about a super-secret project I’ve been recording for


So here is another hint…Katrusha Skomorokh is working on the cover. (Hard not to love her work.)

Research Article in EK Gazette

My first SCA research article was just published today in the East Kingdom Gazette! It’s titled “The Double Bind: Thomas Campion and Elizabethan Women”. For those of you who’ve been keeping track, yes, this is a continuation of the research I began last year on women in period and taught a class on last Pennsic, though the focus here is on a narrow set of works. Many thanks to Mistress Aildreda de Tamworthe, who invited me to write this article, and proved an invaluable editor and guide through this exciting and challenging process.

Happy New Year

I’m not much of one for resolutions. But I do like to make commitments and plans. This year I plan to:

  • Publish my first SCA research article. 
  • Unveil and complete a super-secret collaboration project for the East Kingdom. (Announcement coming soon.)
  • Organize two bardic competitions for Concordia. 
  • Participate in the Laurels’ Prize Tourney in Carolingia. 
  • Write some new songs. 
  • Develop a brand-new class. 

There are other things, but it’s too early to commit to those. 

Let’s make this year count. 

Update: End of Year Donation

Happy holidays. I wanted to let you all know that we have sent a check for $400 or so, our Hidden Gold proceeds for 2016, to the Therapeutic Nursery. This brings our total donation to date to roughly $1,550.

Once again, I want to thank the generous support of all the patrons and collaborators who brought this successful project to fruition. I will update you again after next Pennsic, when we complete the 2-year commitment to donate all the initial proceeds.