New Demo: “We Are the East”

As promised, I’ve put together a quick rough demo of “We Are the East” with the help of my friend and sometime mastering engineer Neil Fein (on guitar). For those who want to get to know the tune, here you go.

CD Sale Completed

Thank you to those patrons who took advantage of last week’s sale and purchased copies of the Hidden Gold CD. You have helped to keep the lights on at Kunaki, and supported a good cause. I hope you enjoy the music!

Lyrics Sheet: “We Are the East”

Quick added item: In keeping with Duchess Caoilfhionn’s request to me to get the song out there, I printed out lyrics sheets for “We Are the East” at yesterday’s bardic circle, and we sang the song together. Everyone there knows that the song is intended to be shared with any who wish to learn it, as a people’s anthem for the kingdom.

One of the participants asked today online if there was a downloadable version. Yes. I’ve uploaded it now, and added a link to the song page. Please share freely. You can check out the YouTube video to learn the tune (I will upload a version to Soundcloud when I have the opportunity).

Another Successful Bardic Circle!

We had over a dozen folks together for yesterday’s bardic circle in Paramus, sharing some of the oldest and newest songs in the SCA tradition, along side pieces from the period we study and some from slightly later. Wonderful performances, great conversation and camaraderie, bards stretching themselves, and focused and constructive feedback and encouragement where it was requested. I’m really enjoying seeing the bards of the EK Southern Region starting to put down roots and establish something together.

Over on the Facebook group we’re starting a discussion about where and when we will meet during the summer months. I hope to see some of you at those circles.

Limited Time Sale for the CD!


Hi everyone! I wanted to share something with you. It is coming up on 11 months that I have been an independent musician with my own self-released album. It has been an exciting time. And I am offering a limited-time special deal for those of you who want a copy of my CD, but have held off on buying one. (You have your reasons, I understand.)

From now until May 21, I have cut the price of an online CD order for Hidden Gold nearly in HALF. From $15, to $8.50 plus shipping. (In the US that means you can get this gorgeous CD delivered to your door for a grand total of $12.80.)

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What’s Coming in May

A couple of notes for May:

  1. We will be hosting the next EK Southern Region bardic circle at our home on Sunday, May 15, from 2 to 7 pm. To get our street address, either email me at ericnjb at gmail dot com, or go to the Facebook event page and check off that you’re interested or planning to go. (I’ll send a group private message with the details a few days before the circle.)
  2. We’ll be at the Wars of the Roses (Concordia) Memorial Day weekend. I’ll be teaching a new class on how Elizabethan written works reflected attitudes about women (inspired by my reflections from back in March), and [see below] performing in the Roses bardic competition (the theme is “bawdy”–I’m working on a piece).

Hope to bump into some of you at one or both of these events.

[UPDATE: Preparing the class above is taking longer than I’d hoped, so I’m withdrawing it from Roses. I do still plan on teaching it at Pennsic.]

Wille Vilse (Call Me Will – Swedish version)

Another update I failed to mention. To my surprise and delight, I get to check two items off my artist bucket list that weren’t really on my radar:

  1. Have my work recorded by another performer.
  2. Have my work translated into another language.

I recently became friends with Swedish LARPer Solvej von Malmborg, who had been seeking music appropriate for LARP events. I pointed her toward my music, and “Call Me Will” in particular, as possibly the sort of thing that might go over well.

I was flattered when she asked permission to attempt a Swedish translation. You can see the results here. You can also listen to Solvej’s beautiful rendering of the piece, which sounds impressively sexy in her language:

[UPDATE] Here is the literal translation back from the Swedish given to me by Solvej, demonstrating the challenge it presented. A lot of the original couldn’t translate directly.
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