I’m Sorry (Moana Parody – #SCAatHome)

My friend Cedar the Barefoot collaborated with me on a fun little filk of “You’re Welcome” from Disney’s Moana a few years ago, and I’ve seen them perform it a few times, but I’ve never gotten around to it myself. For the #SCAatHome series, I decided it was high time. So here is a new Drake and Cedar filk. Enjoy, and stay safe.

Come again sweet love (#SCAatHome)

Good evening. The lute pieces seem to be well-received (and they are giving me some thoughts about starting to transfer these skills back to guitar and learn how to accompany myself on SCA folk music). Here’s John Dowland’s “Come again sweet love”. Enjoy, and be safe.

So Far Away by Carole King (#SCAatHome)

I didn’t post an #SCAatHome performance last night. Carole King’s “So Far Away” is not SCA at all, and goodness knows I’m not travelling at the moment, but it evokes the sense of yearning and loneliness that I know I feel, and I suspect a lot of other people do as well. From my heart to yours. [EDIT: Wrong link! Fixed.]

#SCAatHome: I care not for these ladies

Tonight’s #SCAatHome video is Thomas Campion’s “I care not for these ladies”, which I analyzed a little while back for the A&S Journey series.

#SCAatHome: Shine, Child

I checked in with her Majesty Margarita today, and asked if she had a request for the #SCAatHome series (lots of people are using videos to connect, and it’s been truly inspiring). She requested “Shine, Child” (the first piece I ever performed for her the afternoon we met), and I’m honored to fulfill it here.

SCA Performer Social Mondays

Come join your fellow performers (and other interested Scadians) for some social connection and chat while we weather our extended period of isolation. (The more the merrier – Meets have a capacity of up to 250.) Spontaneous performances might happen on occasion, but this is not a bardic circle. It is a chance to connect with people we aren’t getting to see at events.

Join Google Meet
Join by phone
+1 432-698-1600‬ PIN: ‪462 126 096#
To view more phone numbers, click this link: https://tel.meet/ijn-iirx-zhj?hs=5

Happy #EarlyMusicDay!

Happy #EarlyMusicDay! People told me that I shouldn’t be worried whether my videos are perfect, as long as I share my art. Mission accomplished! Here is a new rendering of “What if a day?”