The Last Brick

maxresdefaultThere’s a brick-breaking game called “Nervous Brickdown” whose final level was called “The Last Brick”. The very last brick you have to break in the whole game comes to life and duels you in a shoot-out for several screens before it finally succumbs and you win.
Right now, in theory, Arden of Icomb and Aneleda Falconbridge have in their possession the final mastered track for this album, and the complete album art for the cover, the liner notes, and the CD surface (respectively). At some point this evening, I should receive these files.
This is the last brick. Yes, there will be a bit of review tomorrow over the art, proofreading, listening and seeing if there’s any final tinkering to do with any of the mixes or the levels, but basically, IN THEORY, tonight a year of creative work and collaboration comes to its conclusion, and over the weekend we’ll be putting in the order for the first batch of CD’s to ship, so it will arrive in time for Southern Region War Camp next weekend.
I’m kind of vibrating right now. It’s a good nervous vibration. THISCLOSE.

Working at Wars of the Roses

So I’m back from our fifth Wars of the Roses, and, as often happens about events, I have a ton of things I want to say…but if I don’t write them down right when I get home (which is never a good time to write stuff down because we’re exhausted and need to unpack), the motivation to write starts to drain away.

Still. Better late than never. I had my first real working event as Baronial Bard of Concordia, and it was full of fun, connection to people I love, and wonderful moments. Some of the people who stand out in my memory: Continue reading

Bardic at Roses

Reminder: Bardic at Wars of the Roses this weekend will be held at the same time and place as last year, Saturday 8:30 pm at the Bardic area. The theme of the competition is legitimacy to rule. See you there.

In service, Drake

On stage dives

I’ve never seen a real stage dive. I’ve only seen them in the movies. It’s a ballsy test of the audience, and a literal leap of faith. 

The closest thing I’ve ever done to that was this weekend, launching a pre-order for Sing for the East in hopes of funding the album up front. It feels like testing the love our friends have for our work, their willingness to give of themselves largely sight unseen, trusting our promise to deliver something they will enjoy. 

Watching online as people have listened to the first two songs, and as people offer their support and pledge their faith in this project…

I feel as if I know now what it feels like when the audience catches and holds you safe and aloft. It was an amazing start to this phase of the project, and I’m deeply touched, humbled, and excited. Thank you.

“Sing for the East” update

(As announced on Facebook in the East Kingdom group…)

For those who have been following the Sing for the East CD project, we have an update. The CD will be released on Saturday, June 10, and will be available for purchase at Southern Region War Camp.

We will be launching a preorder site this weekend, which will let you reserve copies (or request that they be shipped to your address, starting on the release day). Those who choose to pre-order (helping to offset our production costs) will also get an advance track or two from the album for immediate download (including a special extended track that won’t be on the final CD). Note that all profits from these sales will be donated to the EK Royal Travel Fund.

Many fine bards have given of their time and talents to bring some of the anthems of our kingdom to life for your enjoyment. We look forward to being able to share them with you in this new form.

In service,
The Sing for the East bards