Song page added: Plant Your Feet

I’ve added the song page for “Plant Your Feet” to the site. More to come.


Class Notes: My Guitar’s Persona Is a Lute

As I continue to ease back into post-Pennsic life, I will begin adding content that was introduced this past war. First up are the class notes to my new class, My Guitar’s Persona Is a Lute. This was a wonderfully fun class to teach (I believe I had upwards of 30 students between the two sessions), and I was really grateful for the enthusiastic feedback I received throughout the war, most of it second-hand through friends of the students who had attended (which has never happened to me before, was incredibly gratifying).

The complete Pennsic concert

This morning, I finished adding closed captions to the other performances from this year’s concert and published them. [EDIT: Rather than display the individual videos, here’s a link to the complete concert, in set list order.]


New song: “Shine, Child”

This is a new piece first performed at Pennsic. Lady Angela Mori won a commission from me in a fundraising auction last fall, and asked me to write a song of praise for her daughter Thora, who is brilliant, sweet, loving, and neurodivergent (very much like my son Spencer). I was honored by the opportunity to compose this piece, and consider it a rare privilege. The song page will be forthcoming in the next few days.

First videos from Pennsic concert

I’ve put up the first few videos from my Pennsic concert. I wanted to get the newer pieces out first (although the lute pieces came out really well, so I made sure to get those up also.) Enjoy! Continue reading

New Song: “Pack Out Day”

Hi everyone! We just got home from Pennsic yesterday, and to my surprise, as we began packing out, I felt a song coming on, and I went with it. So, as my way of thanking all of you for being part of my SCA experience, I’m breaking all my normal “rules” and sharing it with you right now. This is a quick a Capella vocal cut of the song, and it captures my experience of Pennsic this year, which involved my stretching a bit and doing more things that weren’t necessarily Bardic. (No, I still didn’t actually drink, but since the vast majority of adults I hung out with did, it’s still an indelible part of my experience of the War.)

I will set up a standard song page for this later (along with the other new songs I brought to the war, and class notes, and video from the concert–I promise I’ll get to it). But for now…enjoy! Continue reading

Thoughts on last night’s concert

I want to say something about my concert last night, but late Pennsic Brain is making that difficult. I will, however, thank those who made it possible, starting with Bird the Bard, Spencer Schrager, Efenwealt Wystle, Cedar the Barefoot, and Sólveig Bjarnardóttir. You put in a lot of time to prepare, and made me look and sound good, and I’ll never forget it.

Thanks to everyone who came out to watch and listen. It was a fantastic audience to play for.

Thanks to Scholastica Joycors for believing in me and offering me that incredible timeslot. And thanks to Jess and Melodia Beaupel for capturing video (and Patrick Woodruff for the loan of your camera). To Zsof’ for your constant encouragement, even if you couldn’t be there. To Mya Gosling of Good Tickle Brain for permission to perform her Hamilton filks. And to Angela Mori and Thora, for the privilege of creating “Shine, Child” for you.

The chance to create music and memories for this audience, this Society, is a blessing I cannot begin to repay. Thank you all.

Longer blog post after I get home will be forthcoming.