Basherta (Meant-To-Be)

Writing “SoftWar” for Spiny Norman helped me see that I could write a stronger song if I put myself in the piece. I was encouraged to try something that again drew on me personally, this time something more romantic. The resulting song, written and sung in a Marvin Gaye R&B style, described nearly to the letter the woman I had met and rejected earlier. I was a little embarrassed to sing it for her when we resumed contact in late 2000, since I knew it was all but an admission that I’d already passed the right one by. Fortunately, she ended up marrying me anyway.

(Note: While the song is personal, and the Jewish conception of “basheret” or “basherta” fascinates me, I am a largely secular Jew, and the “Bubbe” of the song is invented.)

Basherta (Meant-To-Be)

© 2000 music & lyrics by Eric Schrager

The Good Lord split us all in two, or so my Bubbe taught me,
Made us Man and Woman, and then we were scattered to the winds.
Now we all must search to find our missing half,
Seeking high and low, and so (she says) that’s where the fun begins.

Not that I would doubt her—Bubbe’s never wrong,
But, in truth, I didn’t realize my search would be this long…

What is taking me so long to find her?
Love may be elusive, but believe me, I have tried,
Somewhere in this world is my Basherta,
She’s my Meant-To-Be.

Maybe she wears glasses—she’s smart and she loves to laugh;
When I call her up at night to talk, we’ll be awake till five.
I’m not sure many heads turn when she walks into a room,
But when she smiles at me, I’ll know that I’m the only man alive.

I look around and ask myself, where could she be?
I hope that she’s not spending time with some guy she mistook for me!

What is taking her so long to find me?
Hasn’t she yet noticed someone missing by her side?
When will she come seeking her Basherta?
I’m her Meant-To-Be.

I think she writes a lot—she cares about the world,
But fairy tales (three hundred pages long) strike music in her heart.
I’ve been down so many roads that haven’t led me to her,
Could she be as frustrated as me that we are still apart?

At times I thought I’d just give up, so tired I’ve grown,
But I know now Bubbe’s right, and I’m not meant to be alone…

What is taking me so long to find her?
Lord, I’m doing my part, but I need you as my guide.
Please show me the way to my Basherta…
To my Meant-To-Be.

However long it takes, I know I’ll find her.
I know that she’s out there, and I will not be denied.
I’ll look my whole life for my Basherta,
For my Meant-To-Be.

What is taking me so long to find her?
Love may be elusive, but believe me, I have tried,
Somewhere in this world is my Basherta,
She’s my Meant-To-Be…
My Meant-To-Be.


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