World Enough and Time

As the lyrics suggest, I wrote this song as my proposal to my wife.  It was the last of my songs that I performed with Spiny Norman, and it closed the last performance I ever did with them.  Given that the life change of marriage was one of the factors that led to my leaving the band, I suppose it’s appropriate.

World Enough and Time

© 2001 music & lyrics by Eric Schrager

There’s a phrase I borrowed from a poet
Whose mistress acted hesitant and coy;
He said forever was too long to wait for love,
That life was short, and meant to be enjoyed.

When I fall in love, I have no patience,
I cannot wait, I’m always so afraid,
If we keep moving forward she must love me back,
And so I tell her what the poet said:

Had we but world enough and time—if world were limitless
And time were never hurried,
Then it would be no crime, love could take centuries
And I would never worry.

But there’s not world enough and time—not world to keep her in
Or time enough for all I want to say,
I try so hard to hold her, to reason and persuade her,
But in the end, I frighten her away…

I never really thought that I was worthy,
That’s why I always needed so much proof,
And so I walked away and chose to be alone,
And wondered if I could rewrite the truth…

If I had world enough and time—world enough to search
And time enough to change me,
I’d find another skin, one that could be loved,
That had what I was missing.

If there were world enough and time—world enough to hide
And time enough to learn what not to say,
I wouldn’t make the same mistakes, and someone would accept me,
I might just find a place where I could stay…

That’s what I was doing when you found me.
You offered me your smile and healing hand.
How strange that someone’s love could surge ahead of mine,
But this time there were some things I had learned:

I said there’s world enough and time—the world is big enough
And time is for the taking,
We’ll take it step by step, and if the steps are slow,
We might find what we’re seeking.

I just need world enough and time—World enough to breathe
And time enough to mean all that I say,
For each slow step forward there’d be one or two steps back—
At times I even thought I’d run away…

But you held me, and you forgave me,
And showed me that you only wanted me.
You gave your heart and you gave your patience,
So now I know what my next step should be…

And I have world enough and time—because my world is yours,
And time with you is priceless.
If you would be my wife, I know that I would never
Fear the next horizon.

There would be world enough and time—world enough to grow,
And time to hear each precious word you say…
Take all the time you need to ponder, but if you say yes…
You would change my world…on our wedding day.


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