Enjoy the Fall

An early Broadway-style song.

Enjoy the Fall

© 1995 music & lyrics by Eric Schrager

I’m looking for some inspiration.
I’m looking for someone who’ll say:
“Is it my imagination? Did the trees turn
Golden when you looked my way?”

I’m looking for a little trouble.
I’m looking to pile in neck-deep…
As the ev’nings turn autumnal and the nights grow
Longer, I’ll be losing sleep…

People say it’s getting colder.
People say beware the frost…
Hearing that just makes me bolder.
I’m ready for changes—who minds the cost?

I’m shaking with anticipation.
Soon enough I’ll hear the call…
So if you’re wond’ring why a spring is in my step,
Maybe I enjoy the fall.

I’m gonna do some treat-or-tricking.
If it comes to that, I’ll masquerade…
Gonna do some apple picking, I will scale the
Upper branches unafraid.

I’m gonna do a little living.
I know there’s danger in romance…
But if I find her I’ll be giving thanks forever
After that I took the chance…

I’ll enjoy the falling colors.
I’ll enjoy the falling rain…
Harvest time could be much fuller.
So I’ll take the fall, and with it the pain…

And when at last I find that someone,
Who will take my heart in thrall…
Maybe I’ll be carried far along the breeze,
Maybe I’ll end up as naked as the trees,
Maybe I’ll get caught outside amid the freeze,
But until I do…
Maybe I’ll enjoy the fall!


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