About Drake

DrakeAmyrillisDrake Oranwood (Eric Schrager) is a singer, songwriter, producer, lutenist, and medieval enthusiast who brings modern sensibilities to original songs set long ago and far away. (Facebook | YouTube | Spotify | SoundcloudTwitter)

Drake co-produced and was featured on 2017’s Sing for the East, a collection album of artists from the SCA’s East Kingdom. His first solo album, Hidden Gold, was released in 2015.

In the Society for Creative Anachronism, Drake is part of the bardic community, where original and period performances are shared at fire circles and waysides for weary travelers. (The general SCA term for an individual vocal performer is a bard). Drake’s persona is an English minstrel living in the sixteenth century. Drake is apprenticed to Mistress Sofia Tyzes (called Zsof) of the Midrealm, and studied previously under Maistre Lucien de Pontivy of the East Kingdom. Drake has served as Bardic Champion for the Barony of Concordia of the Snows.




2 thoughts on “About Drake

  1. Drake, could you advise a, new to the bard disciplines of A & S., some books to read, or songs to learn. I have a decent voice, used to write poetry and short stories, but can only play the drums.(50 years of drumming), and I can be animated when reading or reciting stories and poetry. I do get a little stage fright, but that does go away after a little time. I would like to learn more.

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    • I can certainly try. Are you looking for period materials or SCA traditional? (Obviously, feel free to perform any of my songs you enjoy.) Will you be at Pennsic? I am teaching a “New Bard’s Road Map” class there.

      Also, are you on Facebook? You can get lots of feedback in the SCA Bardic Arts group there.


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