Bardic Work

Song pages are listed below in descending order of composition or performance (most recent first). Abbreviations next to the date provide a link to the page for the album on which the piece is recorded. Links are included, where available, to vocal sheet music, and instrumental arrangements by Arden of Icomb (aka Paul Butler). Note: Even when not listed on the arrangements, all song copyrights still apply.


2024: Planned release of Hold the Door Open (HTDO)


2017: Release of Sing for the East (SFTE)


2015: Release of Hidden Gold (HG)
  • Hidden Gold (2015) (HG) Sheet music (Instruments) This song was inspired by, and dedicated to, several mentors I’ve had in my life in the last few years, and speaks to the challenging but valuable nature of the teacher-student relationship.
  • Can she excuse my wrongs? (recorded 2015) (HG) This lament by John Dowland was the first authentic period song I recorded, and later, sang and played in the SCA.
  • The Binding of Isaac (2014) (HTDO) A contrafact of Thomas Campion’s “My Love Hath Vowed”, this is the first piece I have performed with my son.
  • Mug Your Gate (2013) (HG) Sheet music (Instruments) (To the tune of the “Watkins Ale”, Elizabethan broadside) An SCA bard is nothing without an audience. An SCA encampment is often wanting for entertainment and diversion. We complete each other. If only the campers knew how to hang out a “Fun Wanted Here” shingle to draw performers in! Well, as it happens…
  • Lady of the Rose (2013) (HG) Sheet music (Instruments) In the SCA, a Queen who has reigned well is inducted into the Order of the Ladies of the Rose. Imagine for a moment that you had the chance to be one such Lady. What would that be like, do you suppose?…
  • The Last Plantagenet (2013) (HG) Sheet music (Instruments) An elegy for Richard III, last of the Plantagenet line of kings, whose history was written by the winning side.
  • Tam Lin of the Elves (2013) (HG) Sheet music (Instruments) An original retelling of the beloved ballad “Tam Lin”, brought to life with the help of the incomparable Heather Dale.
  • Changeling (2012) (HG) Sheet music (Instruments) Stories are told of children stolen by the Fair Folk and replaced with a “changeling”–something that looks like the child but clearly isn’t. I’ve wondered where such stories come from…
  • The Name of the King (2012) (HG) Sheet music (Instruments) Many songs are sung in praise of kings who triumph on the field of battle and bring glory to their kingdoms. This might have been such a song…
  • Call Me Will (2012) (HG) Sheet music (Instruments) Whose is that haunting voice, beckoning you to follow him? (What’s the worst that could happen?)


2012: Decision to actively pursue Bardic


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