bardic Pennsic songwriting video

New song: Homecoming

We just got back from Pennsic (and boy is our everything tired). We’re extremely happy with our decision to only go for peace week this year and manage our risks. More about that later.

While I was at war, I debuted my newest song, “Homecoming”, which I finished last Friday, just in time for Pennsic. I was able to share it at a couple of bardic circles and a number of private performances for friends and chosen family.

I’ve been honored with several requests for permission to learn and perform the song. It is the highest praise a bard can ask for, and I offered my consent gladly. This piece was written specially for Pennsic 49, and since I am no longer at site and cannot sing it there myself, I would be delighted for anyone who wishes to learn it and share it, at War or anywhere else they want to.

If you choose to perform it, I invite you to inform your audience before you start that the song is intense and emotional. I caught a couple of people off guard with it this week, and it’s unfair to hit people in the feels with no warning, even unintentionally. And I would greatly appreciate being credited as the writer, which is a courtesy we should all remember when sharing someone else’s work.

While we’re at it…if there is any other bardic piece of mine you might want to perform, they’re all here on the site, with lyrics, recordings, and sheet music. I’m not there to perform any of these, so if you would like to, have at it with my blessing. If you want to let me know how it went, that would make me very happy, but it’s not required.

Have a fantastic War Week, everyone who is attending…and stay safe.


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