Norse Oddity (David Bowie Tribute)

I wanted a tribute to David Bowie I could sing at bardic circles, like the one this coming Sunday. I don’t often filk, but sometimes, whatcha gonna do? So I reached out to the hive mind…enjoy, and feel free to make use if you feel called.

Norse Oddity (to the tune of “Space Oddity”)

By Juliean Galak and Eric Schrager (with help from the Filker and SCA Bardic Arts Facebook groups)

Oarsman Troels to Captain Bjørn
Oarsman Troels to Captain Bjørn
Eat your salted cod and put your helmet on
Oarsman Troels to Captain Bjørn
We’ve got our oars down, let’s row on
Check the sails now, and may Thor’s luck be with you…

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Arrived at Pennsic

And, as luck would have it, guess who was 3 cars behind us in line for gate.  

Heather is only here for the weekend to set up camp, but I’m happy to provide the preview for next Sunday night at my show. 🙂

Heather Dale house concert

We’re counting the minutes until Heather Dale and her band mate Ben Deschamps arrive for a house concert! I’ve written about Heather regularly on this blog. My family is very proud to be hosting her as part of her final planned house concert series. (Squee.)

Bardic Collegium at Pennsic 43

This year, I will be joining the Pennsic War staff as co-provost (along with my friend Widow Kate of Ealdormeare) of the Bardic Collegium. This is one of the hidden gems of the ultimate SCA event for bards: a series of 5 daily panel sessions during War Week. It is an honor and a privilege to take over planning and hosting these sessions, which were my first true connection to the bardic community back on 2012.

This year, all sessions will be from 3 to 5 pm. Here is the agenda (we are skipping Monday to avoid conflicting with the Bardic Exposition that day):

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Checking in with some small things.  For one, my wife posted my private performance of “Silverhair” to Ose from her vigil, with Ose’s permission:

And just to note, I finally spent a few minutes figuring out how to format the images and videos on this blog so they look less egregious.  I’ve updated the existing pages (I know, I’m almost as bad as George Lucas) so they all look a bit better.

And now, some mixing and editing work on the “Tam Lin” recording.

New Videos from KQ Bardic

Maestra Sol la Cantor took video of the performances at King’s and Queen’s Bardic Championships last weekend, and has posted most of them to YouTube, including my two performances during the competition:

Round Two:

(Updated 3/16 to use less obnoxious embed sizes.)

Studio Day: “Tam Lin of the Elves”

Dave and Arden will be here today, to lay down tracks for “Tam Lin of the Elves”. It’s my longest piece at over 6 minutes, so we will probably finish it (and “Plantagenet”) during next month’s session. Wee bit psyched.