Bardic Collegium at Pennsic 43

This year, I will be joining the Pennsic War staff as co-provost (along with my friend Widow Kate of Ealdormeare) of the Bardic Collegium. This is one of the hidden gems of the ultimate SCA event for bards: a series of 5 daily panel sessions during War Week. It is an honor and a privilege to take over planning and hosting these sessions, which were my first true connection to the bardic community back on 2012.

This year, all sessions will be from 3 to 5 pm. Here is the agenda (we are skipping Monday to avoid conflicting with the Bardic Exposition that day):

Sunday: The Secret Handshake
So you’re thinking of becoming a bard, or maybe you already are but you just can’t seem to get in touch with others of your ilk. It can be difficult finding other bards, mentors, events and performance opportunities around you. This is our annual Meet and Greet – Come one, come all!

Tuesday: Upping Your Game
Bards! We all know that there are tips and tricks to reading or working a room, getting noticed in a circle, developing a portfolio and growing as bards! Whether a Laurel or a beginner, we all want to “up our game” which can be especially challenging when our game is set in the Middle Ages. Knowing that there are ways to do this is great – sharing them is even better! Come join us for this open discussion!

Wednesday: Crowdsourcing the Muse
Having trouble finishing that poem? Finding a rhyme for orange? Somehow your piece from the Elder Edda is turning into Star Trek? This Bardic Collegium is an open floor help session were you can tell us how far you’ve gone and what is giving you pause. Everyone who has an idea can pitch in and help – and isn’t that what the Bardic Community is all about?

Thursday: So…How Do You Do Bardic In YOUR Kingdom?
Different kingdoms have different approaches to the Bardic arts, and different ways of promoting and encouraging performers. How does YOUR kingdom encourage bards – is there a reward system? contests? Champions? What kind of bardic or bardic friendly events are held in your kingdom or barony? How often are they held? Is there a predominance in your area for spoken or sung performances…or none at all? Join this open discussion to give and get new ideas!

Friday: Building Bardic Community
Some areas are blessed with an abundance of bards, some areas seem to be a bardic wasteland. Communities wax and wane with time as people come and go…what have the thriving groups been doing that some struggling bards might be able to use to spark their local creative fires? Let’s get together at this Bardic Collegium discussion and see what ideas we can share to make that 50 week town run better for everyone!

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