NEW! “Sing for the East” Companion Songbook at Pennsic!

So there’s a little last-minute project that came up, and I wanted to share. Someone asked on Facebook how they could get a songbook that has all the Sing for the East songs on it. (Most of the songs on the album were written after the publication of the 2004 songbook, which we now refer to as “Volume 1”. Volume 2 is in the works, and will include the rest of the songs, but it will also include a good deal of other music, and is still many months away from completion.)The post got a decent amount of comments from other people who would be interested in a songbook that had the 10 songs from the album…maybe by Pennsic? Mistress Linette de Gallardon, who compiled, edited, and printed the original Volume 1 book, reached out to me a week ago to ask if I could help her with a smaller-scale songbook, a “Companion” for the album, by providing her with my “We Are the East” sheet music–and possibly use my music-notation skills to whip up sheet music for Mistress Dorigen’s “Welcome Home”, and review a few others to see if they needed refinement or corrections to match the melodies and lyrics that were sung on the recordings.

It’s short notice, but if she was game, I was game, so I provided the requested assistance. I’ve confirmed that both Camelot Treasures (merchant booth 030), and Designs by J (booth 162) will be happy to carry both the CD and the new Companion Songbook at Pennsic. We are putting together a run of 50 copies. (Proceeds as always will go to the EK Travel Fund.) Designs by J also agreed to let people pick up preorders at Pennsic…

So we have set up a Pennsic preorder page for the Sing for the East Companion Songbook on Bandcamp. (I had set up the basic information, made it public to verify how it looked and where the links would be, and stepped away…and had two orders within an hour or so! I forgot that Bandcamp alerts our followers when we add new releases or merchandise.) Preorders, of course, help us to offset our production costs and reduce or eliminate the risk of doing this outlay so close to Pennsic, so they are greatly appreciated.

Thank you to everyone who continues to show us such love and support. I just wish every creative project had a fan base like the East Kingdom and the broader SCA. You are simply the best.

(P.S.–to those of you who won’t be able to get to Pennsic this year, we will make sure there are ways to mail order copies or pick them up at future large events.)

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