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New Song: “Pack Out Day”

Hi everyone! We just got home from Pennsic yesterday, and to my surprise, as we began packing out, I felt a song coming on, and I went with it. So, as my way of thanking all of you for being part of my SCA experience, I’m breaking all my normal “rules” and sharing it with you right now. This is a quick a Capella vocal cut of the song, and it captures my experience of Pennsic this year, which involved my stretching a bit and doing more things that weren’t necessarily Bardic. (No, I still didn’t actually drink, but since the vast majority of adults I hung out with did, it’s still an indelible part of my experience of the War.)

I will set up a standard song page for this later (along with the other new songs I brought to the war, and class notes, and video from the concert–I promise I’ll get to it). But for now…enjoy!

Creative Commons License
Pack Out Day by Eric Schrager is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Pack Out Day © 2018 by Eric Schrager

I’ve been deep in a dream but I’m covered in steam
‘Cause my tent is beginning to bake
Now I’m aching and sore like I’ve been through the war
And it hits me at once as I wake

I’ve spent two weeks on enchanted ground
That will vanish now just like Brigadoon
It’s the event that I planned for all year
And now once again it’s over too soon…

It’s pack out day, and I’m sorry to say
I’m so sad to be going, I’m not ready yet
It’s pack out day, and when I drive away
What I’m leaving behind I would hate to forget

Now I’m working nonstop as I grab the car top
That we’ll stuff on the roof with our gear
As it opens I freeze—Oh my God, it’s the keys
We’ve been looking for since we got here

Our days were classes and throwing knives,
We made new best friends and we rode on watch
Our nights were flirting and dancing and song
In a cloud of mead and porter and Scotch (CH)

We’re still loading our crap and we try not to snap
At each other with each passing hour
Soon it’s hugs and goodbyes and a new distant prize
As we dream of A/C and a shower

We packed a year of adventures in
Fourteen days and nights, and I’m feeling blessed
I know that some years are better than others
But this year’s war was one of the best…

It’s pack out day, and I’m happy to say
That I’m sad to be going, but I’m ready now
It’s pack out day, and as I drive away
What I’m leaving behind will come with me somehow

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