Album’s Title Track is Written

A brief check in (and a bit of a tease)…

In the year and a half I’ve been working on this album (which should be ready to drop next summer at Pennsic 44), I’ve spent some time pondering a title. Early this year, I realized I had a song that would serve as the perfect title track for the overall work, and bring the number of tracks to the 12 I want to include on it.

Only one niggling detail: I hadn’t actually written the song yet. I had a title, a theme, a tune, and even a chorus, but I hadn’t broken the story, so I had no idea what to do for the verses.

I broke the story a week ago, and today, I reached out to put words on a page and they finally came. I have a complete first draft.

I boldly leap now, and announce that my first album will officially be titled: Hidden Gold.

You know, unless something changes.


Studio Day: Special Guest Vocalist(!!!)

Photo after the jump (wait for it):

mp3 recording SCA songwriting

My first anachronism assignment

I haven’t checked in around this in a while, but my studies with Maistre Lucien have been a source of constant joy throughout the year to this point. Lucien has been unfailingly supportive, even as he continues to hold me to high standards, with a gently probing Socratic approach.

This last session, Lucien presented me with an assignment to stretch and test my understanding of period music and language, which I enjoyed immensely. He has granted his kind permission for me to publish what I produced in response, and I share it here.

bardic recording

Studio Day: “Changeling”

20140302-114109.jpgWe’re setting up a monthly cadence for 2014 to get the songs all recorded for this album, so that it will be ready for Pennsic 44 next year. Today is my wife’s favorite, “Changeling”. I get giddy as a kid skipping around doing this stuff, I really do.

recording video

Studio Day!

My “crew” is here, and we’re doing our second full-on basement recording session for instrumentals–today it’s “The Last Plantagenet”. I’m very excited. The talent and experience these two gentlemen bring to the project is elevating these songs to a level of art I can imagine in my head but cannot execute myself.

To celebrate, I share with you a video of my performance of the song at Winter Nights last month, which I had not previously publicized.