album recording

Studio Day: Finishing the Guitar Work!

So Dave is here, for what should be our last full guitar session. He spent 6 hours this week recording “Can She Excuse My Wrongs” on his own (recording John Dowland’s exact lute part was, I know, exacting and exhausting, and Oh my lord were the results worth it!). Today we’re recording “Hidden Gold”, re-doing “Bastard’s Tale” (applying what we’ve learned over two years recording together), and hopefully adding a little ornamentation to Don Levey’s work on “Lady of the Rose”.

UPDATE: Close. Didn’t get to “Lady of the Rose”, and didn’t get all the “Bastard’s Tale” tracks done. But I now have the main instrument for every song on this album recorded.

In two weeks, Arden will be here to record/rework those songs as well. Depending on whether we can get that done in one or two sessions, that should close out his work on the album as well.

(Had a minor panic this morning that my MacBook Air wasn’t recognizing the Saffire Pro interface, but I figured out I just needed to update my software since we’d upgraded the OS. Ever the drama, but we’re managing it so far.)

More on album progress in a later post.

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