Studio Day: “The Name of the King”

Arden spent the day in the basement, where we finished the instrumentals for “Call Me Will” and, we’re pretty sure, put the instrumentals for “The Name of the King” together in one go. That’s six songs that are instrumentally complete (or very nearly). For an album that is going to have twelve tracks on it, that’s a significant milestone.

My new audio interface should arrive this week, which should (a) allow me to record in the basement with our new MacBook Air most anytime I want (the old Firebox interface is discontinued, so there’s no driver for it on the new machine), and (b) has a bit more power and some state-of-the-art preamps, and so should be able to produce rather sharper and cleaner recordings for a consumer-end product.

And yes, I still have one more blog post to complete on Pennsic. Real life got in the way for a few weeks, and I should have that posted this week.

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