album recording

Studio Day: The Guitar Work Is Done (No, Really)

I just dropped Dave off at the train, and all the guitar work for Hidden Gold is complete. While there are still two more recording sessions to do with other people (one more instrumental day with Arden, and one more female vocalist for “Lady of the Rose”), this marks a major milestone for the project. Dave was the first person I asked to collaborate on this with me, and when he said yes, it gave me the courage to ask others. He has been my co-producer and my mentor. Most of what I know about how to record music I learned from him. I know Dave is excited to reach the goal line too (though not as much as his wife Kathleen–thank you, Kathleen! I could never have done this without your kindness and patience).

And now, back to life for today. There will be lots of mixing and editing to do this week, but not today.

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