Studio Day Update

Once upon a time–later. We had plans for Dave to come and do guitar tracks for some other songs, but fate (or the Mother Nature) had other plans. Freezing rain has made the roads deadly throughout our area. So I couldn’t even pick Dave up from the train. It also means our friends are stuck here with us all day. We’ve all agreed to make the best of unexpected circumstances.

So, I get a special silver lining. Finnguala (Nuri Olsen), having done a beautiful job with her pub sing vocals on “My Thirst”, has been collaborating with me on other songs that I was hoping to get female vocals for. She has an exquisite voice that is perfect for a couple of these songs…I did not realize she also had background in a Capella harmonizing and recording.

We have recorded a full vocal for the young girl in “Call Me Will”, and we’re planning some harmonies for “Lady of the Rose”, if time permits. Given the freeze warning keeps getting extended out, that might happen too.

The serendipity that has fallen my way on this project continues to startle me and fill me with gratitude.

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