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Tech Check: “The Zoom Where It Happens”

The motto of an SCA artisan is basically: “Show your work and share your work”. With the release of “The Zoom Where It Happens”, it has turned out that editing a complex video is part of my skill set. And since the upcoming First Bardic War is going to include editing of group videos as a key judging metric for a number of War Points, I thought I would discuss my process for creating this video, as an editing novice.

Here are the different technical components used to create this video:

general technology

NO SPOILERS!! Star Wars: TFA and the Clash of Civilizations

[NOTE: This is a departure from my normal posts about bardic. I’ll say right now that if you don’t care about Star Wars or find the whole issue of spoiling movies online ludicrous and unworthy of discussion…You don’t need to see this post. This isn’t the topic you’re looking for. You should go about your business. Move along, move along… But also note that NO details about the plot of the new movie are revealed here, so it’s safe to read.

ADDITIONAL NOTE There’s no way the last line is meant to be taken seriously, it was satirical. Apparently that wasn’t obvious to some  readers.]

It’ll be two more days before I get the chance to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens in the theaters, by which time the movie will have been in the theaters eleven whole days. We’re down in Florida visiting family, and my wife sets the schedule for these sorts of things. So we’re going for my son’s birthday with everyone who’s down here with us. (I should note that she is not the Star Wars fan that I am, but in principle I was content to wait this long to see the movie. In principle…)

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VocaliD: Giving the Gift of Voice

Last year, I learned about a project called VocaliD (pronounced “Vocality”), which is using technology to allow donors to give the gift of individual, unique voices to people who are unable to speak. The project is now up and running, accepting donations, and has begun creating custom voices for people.

I just got a certificate of appreciation for completing my first hour of donations (500 sentences). It’s incredibly simple to do, as long as you have a computer with a microphone and a decent room without excessive noise. Plus, you get to say goofy sentences and recite the occasional line from Kipling or The Velveteen Rabbit.

This holiday season, if you have the time to start this project, I invite you to give the gift of your voices to those who need them. (And if you don’t have the time this month, or only have a little, sign up as a donor, and start whenever you can. You can record any time, and 10 sentences is considered a valid recording session. And while the website says you have to use Google Chrome, I did it from Firefox without any trouble, so you can try it with your current browser and see if it works.)

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New Twitter Account

[EDITED 11/8/2022: Account deactivated.]

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New Facebook Page

On your left right, you’ll notice there is now a widget for the Drake Oranwood Facebook page. Consider it war paint as we gear up to release the Hidden Gold album. All the cool kids are doing it.

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Mmmmmaybe I’ll blog a little more. (Technology and the bard)

So, I finally found the WordPress iPhone app. Given that I do most of my writing these days on my iPhone, that’s very cool.

I’ve been trying to manage my writing process better since I committed myself to bardic just about a year ago (a few months before I set up this site and the Facebook group). By “better”, I mean “make it more convenient to write, easier to find my stuff, easier to share my stuff, and less likely to lose my stuff”. And since I first got an iPhone in my hands last year, that has meant (as so many of you have probably already found) doing it on my iPhone.