Studio Day: “We Are the East”, cont’d

Her Grace Caoilfhionn spent a few more hours laying down tracks with me for the forthcoming recording of “We Are the East”. I’m looking forward to doing some editing and mixing next week, because this piece is coming together and I think the end result will do all the contributors proud. 

The opportunity to work on music with Caoilfhionn, as always, is matched only by the joy of getting to geek out about our shared enthusiasms: the SCA, our kingdom, Hamilton, our families, this project and other things we’re working on, the fun of being able to use technology to do things that used to require the services of high-priced professionals. I savor the conversation when I get the chance. 

I’m particularly excited to get into the end game on this recording, because my last-minute performance of the song at K&Q the other week was met with enthusiasm. I’ve had some lovely and unexpected responses from people I had not had the chance to get to know before. So it’s feeling like an especially opportune time to be finishing this recording. 

All these months I’ve spent recording one song, though…makes you wonder, what else will be on this thing? Welllll…stay tuned. More information will start emerging before too much longer.

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