K&Q Bardic and A&S Champions

Had a wonderful day at K&Q Bardic and A&S Champions. It was really delightful to just be there, not competing and not having to judge. So overjoyed to see Countess Chatrikam Meghanta and Mistress Sabine de Kerbriant chosen as the new King’s and Queen’s bards (respectively). Hard-earned victories in as ferocious a field of competitors as I’ve seen. So proud of my beloved Eastern bards, who fight as fiercely and valiantly as anyone ever could with a blade!

Got to spend time with some of the people I love best in the world and don’t get to see often. Got to scheme about shenanigans, and have a new treasure in my hot little hands. And my son blew us all away performing with me (even as I accompanied us and got through it without serious fumbling! It really helps if I look at my hands when I’m playing!).Oh…and “Get grabbed by the elbow and asked to entertain a Coronation-sized audience with 10 seconds’ notice, because Court is held up”? Check one more off the bucket list. 😁

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