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Pennsic 45 video: A Lusty Young Smith

Here’s video for a piece I’ve never recorded before: A Lusty Young Smith, a 17th-century English song with rather bawdy content (this is the popular tune and lyrics revised by Ed McCurdy in the 1950’s, making the song a bit bouncier and the innuendo a little less on the nose).

I have performed this piece a few times before in the SCA: Most recently at the Roses Bardic competition, and before that (way before that, at Pennsics 31 and 33), it was the first piece I ever performed in the SCA, at Duchess Isabella’s Ladies’ Night. (The less said about that the better–there’s a reason I only consider myself an SCA bard for the last four years or so–but you’ll get a flavor for it from my opening remarks.)


Second Pennsic 45 video: The Binding of Isaac, featuring Spencer!

As I mentioned earlier, my son Spencer Oranwood joined me on stage for the first time at this year’s concert. We performed “The Binding of Isaac” as a duet. Here is the video. (That’s. My. Son.)


concert Pennsic video

First Pennsic 45 video up: “Hidden Gold”

I’ve got my first video up from this year’s Pennsic concert. This is the first time we’ve captured “Hidden Gold” on video. The picture isn’t as sharp as I’d like for some reason. Don’t know if it was the camera focus, or if restoring the video file (which had been damaged) was the cause. It required some effort at any rate, and I was worried about whether we’d be able to recover it at all. I’m relieved that the sound is intact. I’ll be adding the closed captions shortly. Enjoy!

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Bardic Prep Poetry

As I mentioned in my long post on last week’s EK Bardic Championships, my preparations for the final round included doing some timed sonnet-writing trials to make sure I was ready to write a poem on a theme in under 30 minutes. This is the poem I wrote in the final round of the competition, on the theme of “valor”:

Who showeth valor? He who sallies forth
With sword aloft, astride so bold in might,
And by his forceful prowess shows his worth
Thus riding home victorious in the fight?

Or is he still more valorous instead
Who in the desp’rate minute of the strife,
Seeing the cause is hopeless, unafraid,
Retilts the game by giving up his life?

And yet another valor have I seen
When one you love whose suff’ring brings you fear,
And you must still protect them, although keen
The pain, you do not hide or disappear.

In each of these is valor, you must heed.
You may decide of which we most have need.

Here are the practice poems I wrote in response to topics I solicited from friends, each of them in 25 minutes or less. 

bardic Competition SCA songwriting video

Post-Game Analysis: EK Bardic Champions

Win or lose, they’ll remember this day…
(from “We Are the East”)

I promised I would do a deep dive (translation: long read) on my experiences preparing for, during, and after this year’s kingdom bardic championships, and this would be it. Of course, this would probably be a little more exciting if this were a breakdown of how I became a Royal Bard of the East…but as Zsof, Jess, and I all spent the last six months reminding me, I can’t control outcomes. So for that post I’ll refer you to Aethelflied’s fantastic recounting of the story behind her being selected as King’s Bard. (Mistress Alys’s blog has documentation for her round one piece, which was her first step to being selected as Queen’s Bard.)

SCA teaching video

Video: Apprentice Ceremony

The long post will be out later today [EDIT: here]. In the meantime…here’s video from Saturday morning’s apprenticing ceremony. (And if you’ve never heard Mistress Zsof doing her full Hungarian persona, it’s worth checking out.)

concert video

Video: “The Seed”

The other video I want to share from this year’s Pennsic concert is “The Seed”. This is the only video I have performing this piece. Enjoy.

album bardic concert video

Release Concert Videos

For those who wanted to be at the release concert but couldn’t, we were able to take video. Sadly, the camera only picked up the first half of the concert, but at least we can share that part…

Pennsic video

Videos from the Pennsic Concert

So I finally got around to uploading videos of my performance at my debut Pennsic concert last year. (Better late than never, right?) Enjoy your weekend.

[UPDATE August 2015: Too many playlists. I’ve consolidated all the Pennsic performances into one playlist.]

recording video

Studio Day!

My “crew” is here, and we’re doing our second full-on basement recording session for instrumentals–today it’s “The Last Plantagenet”. I’m very excited. The talent and experience these two gentlemen bring to the project is elevating these songs to a level of art I can imagine in my head but cannot execute myself.

To celebrate, I share with you a video of my performance of the song at Winter Nights last month, which I had not previously publicized.