Come again sweet love (#SCAatHome)

Good evening. The lute pieces seem to be well-received (and they are giving me some thoughts about starting to transfer these skills back to guitar and learn how to accompany myself on SCA folk music). Here’s John Dowland’s “Come again sweet love”. Enjoy, and be safe.

#SCAatHome: I care not for these ladies

Tonight’s #SCAatHome video is Thomas Campion’s “I care not for these ladies”, which I analyzed a little while back for the A&S Journey series.

Happy #EarlyMusicDay!

Happy #EarlyMusicDay! People told me that I shouldn’t be worried whether my videos are perfect, as long as I share my art. Mission accomplished! Here is a new rendering of “What if a day?”

Q&C Bardic Finals: Hold the Door Open

At last, we conclude our discussion of researching, preparing for, and entering a kingdom-level bardic competition, if you’re still interested in it (after the analyses of Round 1 and Round 2). For the final round, I debuted the original song “Hold the Door Open”. I researched the Arthurian legends of Thomas Malory, and wove together five characters to convey messages about modern diversity and inclusion. I chose to use my skills in modern composition to convey the emotions of the words.

Final Round performance from Q&C Bardic Championship.
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Q&C Bardic Round 2: Ode to Birka (My love hath vowed, Part 2)

We continue our review of kingdom-level competition prep (from yesterday’s Round 1 analysis). On to Round 2, and how I arrived at “Ode to Birka” as my performance piece. (Note: I am categorizing this as an A&S Journey entry, because the focus of this round ended up being contrafacts of Thomas Campion pieces examined in this series. Before I found the right one, “My love hath vowed”, I made attempts with “Now winter nights enlarge” and “I care not for these ladies”, which will be detailed below.)

Round 2 performance from Q&C Bardic Championship.
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Q&C Bardic Round 1 (Clear or Cloudy Part 5: Performance)

As promised, it is time to break down this year’s Queen & Crown’s Bardic Championship as I prepared for and experienced it. I’m going to do one post for each round–not because this was the year I was selected, but because the work that went into each round dovetails with the A&S Journey posts I have been making since last June. We will start with the first round, where I presented John Dowland’s “Clear or cloudy”.

Round 1 performance from Q&C Bardic Championship.

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Campion: My love hath vowed

This week, our A&S journey returns to Campion, for a piece I have been looking forward to re-examining: “My love hath vowed”. This piece, and the way I was introduced to it, marked a turning point in my relationship with Elizabethan songs, as we’ll discuss in coming weeks, so I have saved it for the end of this particular Campion cycle. This is the first Elizabethan piece I encountered that tells a woman’s story from a woman’s perspective, something Campion did more than any of his contemporaries. While I can play and sing this piece with the original lyrics, this video of it, in a modern setting, was the one that made me fall in love with it (notwithstanding they omitted the fourth verse).

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