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Performing my work

My friends (those I know and those I don’t yet):

If you wish to perform a song of mine on a livestream, in an online bardic circle, or in a video, know that you have my blessing and permission, as long as it isn’t for money, and you credit me as the author. (This was true prior to the current crisis, and will be true after it is over.)

Feel free to check the Bardic Work page for the full list.

In service,
Drake Oranwood, Queen’s Bard of the East

(Thanks to my friend Mistress Aife for modeling this offer.)

A&S Journey lute teaching

Online class tomorrow: My Guitar’s Persona Is a Lute

(Here’s a plug for an online class I’m teaching tomorrow. You can check in on the Facebook event if you like, or just show up.)

Join Drake Oranwood, Queen’s Bard of the East Kingdom, for this online class.

How do you play authentic Elizabethan lute music if your instrument is a modern guitar? The good news is the instruments are very closely related. Learn about the history and evolution of the lute, how to tune and play your guitar as if it were a lute, how to interpret lute tablature, how to find authentic period composers, songs, and arrangements. The skills are highly transferable, and while lute music has a different feel and sound, the rewards for your investment of time and effort are great. Suitable for all experience levels.

To join the video meeting, click this link:
Otherwise, to join by phone, dial +1 904-406-7294 and enter this PIN: 606 553 732#
To view more phone numbers, click this link:

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#SCAatHome: Hold the Door Open

I closed out the online concert with a performance of my newest song, and one of my most ambitious, “Hold the Door Open”. In this performance, I basically got all the lyrics right, so it’s worth sharing. Stay safe. #SCAatHome

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Started taking guitar lessons

This is me, practicing guitar with Amyrillis (the summer/outdoor lute guitar). Yes, I’ve started taking guitar lessons. (Thank you, Phelippe, for introducing me to your brother in law Paul Hutchison!) In a few weeks, I plan to post videos accompanying myself. Stay tuned, and stay safe.

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#SCAatHome: Carpe Diem

Good morning! For today’s #SCAatHome, let us honor those who are called (relentlessly) to give service. What would we ever do without them and their willingness to seize the day? Stay safe.

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#SCAatHome: The Name of the King

Today’s #SCAatHome video asks the question: how does a royal reign to secure a lasting legacy? To make sure “The Name of the King” endures?

Stay safe. Drake

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#SCAatHome: Call Me Will

Today’s #SCAatHome video is a cautionary tale about the importance of social distancing. Watch (and be safe)…

bardic SCAatHome video

#SCAatHome: Plant Your Feet

Today’s #SCAatHome song is my tribute to the bardic community, “Plant Your Feet”. The bards of the Society are a talented and hardy breed. Do we serve two masters? Sometimes. Hey, it’s fun.

Enjoy, and stay safe.

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The complete HELIOsphere concert

Okay, YouTube has finished processing it. Here is the full concert (minus the vandalism) for those who wish to watch it. Enjoy!

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Notes about the concert

Thanks, everybody who attended the Zoom concert. That was a blast. Apologies to anyone who couldn’t get in…we had a Zoom bomber during the first song, and our hosts had to be vigilant to keep trolls from disrupting any more of the set. (Thank you, Mithgiladan!)

I’ve uploaded the video to YouTube, and edited out the vandalism. As soon as YouTube finished processing the edits, I will post the concert for people to enjoy.