bardic SCAatHome video

#SCAatHome: Plant Your Feet w/ Dave Lambert

At last weekend’s East Kingdom Ethereal Court on YouTube, a lovely video was shown of the court attendants preparing from home, in garb. As it happened, the music that accompanied that video was a work in progress recording of my song “Plant Your Feet”, with my friend Dave Lambert on guitar, and Bird the Bard on horn and whistle. It was a last minute replacement song (funny story), and worked quite nicely.

As it happens, Dave and I were already working on a remote collaboration performance of the song for #SCAatHome when that occurred, so I held onto this video for a few days. (Dave has been doing some amazing music while social distancing—you should check out his YouTube channel.)

Since I’ve heard some warm feedback on the roughly half of the song that was included in that video, I figured it was a good time to share out this take on the full length piece. Enjoy.

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