bardic Pennsic

Pennsic 45 Bardic Arts Exhibition

For those who yearn to get a broad sampling of the Bardic Arts in one place and time during the daytime, I invite you to check out the Bardic Arts Exhibition, which is returning to Pennsic for the fourth consecutive year. This year it will happen on Monday, August 8 (War Week) from 1 – 4 pm in the Performing Arts Tent.

Master Efenwealt Wystle who founded the original Bardic Arts Exhibition at Pennsic in years gone by, has taken over organizer responsibilities from The Honorable Lady Lorelei Skye, and my intention is to continue to assist in helping bring this about in whatever capacity I may. So for starters, here’s a reminder that we  want performers to sign up for the event. Efenwealt’s signup form is a little simpler than what we’ve used in the last few years, so please take a few minutes to sign up.


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