Pennsic teaching

Teaching at Pennsic

With two weeks to go until Pennsic, I wanted to share that I will be teaching two brand-new University classes at War this year. One is more History than it is bardic, though it focuses on performance pieces. The classes are:

Thy Name Is Woman: Men on Women in Elizabethan England
(Sunday, August 7, 11am – 12 pm, in A&S tent #1)
An exploration, through songs and poetry of the period, of the complex and conflicted attitudes English culture held around women and their role during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. (Yes, this is the class that grew out of last spring’s reflections on women and power.)

The New Bard’s Road Map
(Wednesday, August 10, 1 – 2 pm, in A&S tent #9)
A how-to primer for new or aspiring bards. Developing a repertoire, finding performance opportunities, seeking mentors and patrons, gaining visibility, becoming part of the bardic community.

If you have interest in either of these topics, I look forward to seeing you there.

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