bardic Pennsic

My Pennsic Schedule

Returning home from a week in Boston, the focus is of course going to be on Pennsic prep. It will be a busy one for me (especially since I have an album to promote, and a worthy cause to raise money for). You can buy the CD from Camelot Treasures or Master Kenhelm’s shop, and I should have copies on me if you bump into me first.

Places you will be able to find me if you want to:

  • Friday 31 July: Teaching “Songwriting to Tell a Story” at 2 pm at AS 9. I’m planning to start researching other topics to teach after this Pennsic, so I don’t know how soon I’ll be teaching this again. If it interests you and you’re planning to be there, come check it out.
  • Sunday 2 August: Bardic Collegium first session, 3-5 pm at AS 9.
  • Sunday 2 August: My Pennsic concert, 6-7 pm at the Performing Arts tent. Planned guests include Heather Dale, the Lady of the Rose Singers, and Efenwealt Wystle.
  • Monday 3 August: Bardic Arts Exhibition, 2-5 pm at the PA tent. I’m one of the organizers, so I’ll be helping run it, and I plan to perform.
  • Tuesday-Friday 4-7 August: Bardic Collegium sessions, 3-5 pm at AS 9. I plan to be there for most of them. I co-host with Widow Kate of the Lake.

We’re camped with Dione Sidhe at block N07 if you want to say hello. 

For general bardic activity at Pennsic, check out the Bards by Day/Bards by Night calendar.

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