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Voice heralding: that was a blast!

So I’ve found a new thing that will be my next thing: voice heralding. Getting to be the MC for a bout at a tourney who announces the combatants, revs up the crowd, and announces the winner. It requires being comfortable as an upbeat shouty person who can project vocally, and have fun. A bit of bardic flair seems to be welcome.

I had a blast. It was great finding a way to integrate my abilities into the 800 pound gorilla of SCA activities, which is of course heavy fighting. And being part of the action gave me a much greater appreciation for what heavy fighters do in a tourney bout. How they stay safe, how they score hits on their opponents, how they defend themselves after they’ve lost the use of an arm or their legs, and the constant communication between combatants, who are on their honor to judge whether a blow landed cleanly where there was no defense, and with enough force to kill or disable someone.

It was also great making new connections with other voice heralds, many of whom were also doing this for the first time. I learned a good bit about the pomp, ceremony, and joy of a tournament, and got to do it in the “safe zone” of a novice event.

I’ve wanted to try voice heralding since attending my first Crown Tourney back in April, seeing a way to put my skills to use in service to the Society and become more deeply invested in it. I’m grateful, now that the album project is over, to get the chance to get involved in it. I now have experience, and my own white herald’s baton. Looking forward to doing it again at a tourney in the fall.

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