Bardcast Episode: The East Kingdom!

The much-loved Knowne World Bardcast has returned, with an episode featuring music from Sing for the East! Check out the podcast, available in your podcasting app right now!

Featured on the New Bardcast Pennsic Episode!

Need more music if you’re driving up for War Week? Gideon ap Stephen has a new Knowne World Bardcast out, “Reflections on War,” and it features another track from Hidden Gold. I’m honored to share space alongside the likes of Heather Dale, Ken Theriot, Lorelei Skye, Aneleda Falconbridge, Michael Alewright, and Garraed Galbraith. It’s up on iTunes and other podcast downloading spots. Check it out!

Featured in The Knowne World Bardcast!

As promised, a new song is now available for you to hear. Episode 3 of The Knowne World Bardcast is now online (and available on iTunes and SoundCloud). It’s “Kingdom Anthems Part II”, but Gideon had space for a bonus track: “The Bastard’s Tale”!

The Knowne World Bardcast

In case there are some of you that haven’t heard yet, an intrepid adventurer by the name of Gideon ap Stephen has taken upon himself to drag the bardic, and the larger SCA, community into the 21st century by launching a bardic podcast. The Knowne World Bardcast made its debut this week on SoundCloud (And should be available on iTunes and other podcasting outlets very soon). To my honor and delight, I was invited to be part of the panel discussion about building bardic community, which appears in the second half of the show. There is now internet radio for bards! This is a thing!