Single: Tam Lin of the Elves (feat. Heather Dale)

Hidden Gold goes on sale tomorrow. We’re actually at that point. The release party is all set, we have rehearsed. Time to drop the last song that I promised.

About five seconds after I finished writing “Tam Lin of the Elves” (actually, probably before I finished writing it), I knew whose voice I wanted for the Faerie Queen. There was really never any question who was my first choice, a voice that could hold beauty and chilling menace in perfect balance. And when I asked her, she didn’t hesitate. Getting to record her vocals in my basement was one of the highlights of the process of making the album. It was kind of a one-hour master class in studio performance.

It is with great delight that I share this song, with Heather Dale’s vocals on it.

Website Spring Cleaning

For those who care about such things (cricket, cricket), I wanted to mention some updates I’ve made on this website, some of which you may already have noticed. This is all about getting everything ready for the Hidden Gold release a week from tomorrow (!!!), and making sure that this site’s organization and look-and-feel are what I think it should be in the to-be-hoped-for event that there might be more traffic coming this way. In no particular order: Continue reading

The Great Demo Purge of 2015

Okay. I don’t think this is really going to break that many hearts, but I will preface this by saying no, this isn’t an April Fool’s joke. Honest. Continue reading

My Parting Gift to Lucien: “The Well”

This is long overdue, but other things kept getting in the way of posting it.  Back at East Kingdom Twelfth Night in January, I transitioned teachers from Maistre Lucien de Pontivy of the East Kingdom to Mistress Zsof Tyzes of the Midrealm. I alluded to an exchange of gifts. I wrote a special piece as my farewell gift to Lucien, and I have been graciously permitted to share it.

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My first anachronism assignment

I haven’t checked in around this in a while, but my studies with Maistre Lucien have been a source of constant joy throughout the year to this point. Lucien has been unfailingly supportive, even as he continues to hold me to high standards, with a gently probing Socratic approach.

This last session, Lucien presented me with an assignment to stretch and test my understanding of period music and language, which I enjoyed immensely. He has granted his kind permission for me to publish what I produced in response, and I share it here.

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Overdue updates – the site, performances, recording a CD (!!!), and looking forward

So I haven’t posted since December. Bad bard. Bad, bad bard. Well, busy bard. Which is good. (And it’s not like the handful of you out there aren’t catching all of this on Facebook anyway.)

Still, what’s the point of a “blog” about my “bardic career” if I don’t take the time to post about said “career” when I’m actually “doing things” in it? Probably because I have the grace to be at least uncomfortable with the implicit narcissism involved, but if I can deal with it, I trust you can too (or you’ll stop reading, and we’ll all just have to find a way to cope).

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GarageBand recordings (including “House of Dancers”)

I’ve been playing with GarageBand a bit today, with a bit better understanding of how to get vocals mixed, and with the advantage of a USB microphone (thanks, love, for getting me “Beatles Rock Band” two years ago!). In addition to some actual Bardic work (to be shared when the time is right), I finally tackled the vocals for my hitherto-unrecorded epic rock song “House of Dancers”.

Now you can finally hear the song Spiny Norman was never ready to bring onstage, as best I can record it on my own.


Edit (2/3): Re-uploaded the file I’d apparently deleted when I was trying to improve the mix.  Don’t think I succeeded, but at least the s0ng is back on the site, and I corrected the links.