Latest Donation Sent to Royal Travel Fund

All of our copies of the “Sing for the East” Companion Songbook have now SOLD OUT. Tallying up those sales, the limited run of Volume 1 songbooks, CDs, downloads, and streaming revenue, we have now mailed out a donation check for $900 to the East Kingdom Royal Travel Fund for this year, leaving us with a little operating capital in case we need to cover some production expenses for printing in the coming months.

This brings our total donation to the Travel Fund to $2,300 to date. Thank you all for your participation in this project!

Our first donation!

Good Gentles,

This weekend, we mailed our first donation, just over $1,400, to the East Kingdom Royal Travel Fund. This exceeded our fondest hopes. It was made possible by the contributions of dozens of talented artists, and scores of generous patrons, in and out of our kingdom. Without your enthusiastic support and encouragement, this project would never have come to fruition. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

In grateful service,

The bards of Sing for the East

On stage dives

I’ve never seen a real stage dive. I’ve only seen them in the movies. It’s a ballsy test of the audience, and a literal leap of faith. 

The closest thing I’ve ever done to that was this weekend, launching a pre-order for Sing for the East in hopes of funding the album up front. It feels like testing the love our friends have for our work, their willingness to give of themselves largely sight unseen, trusting our promise to deliver something they will enjoy. 

Watching online as people have listened to the first two songs, and as people offer their support and pledge their faith in this project…

I feel as if I know now what it feels like when the audience catches and holds you safe and aloft. It was an amazing start to this phase of the project, and I’m deeply touched, humbled, and excited. Thank you.

Update: End of Year Donation

Happy holidays. I wanted to let you all know that we have sent a check for $400 or so, our Hidden Gold proceeds for 2016, to the Therapeutic Nursery. This brings our total donation to date to roughly $1,550.

Once again, I want to thank the generous support of all the patrons and collaborators who brought this successful project to fruition. I will update you again after next Pennsic, when we complete the 2-year commitment to donate all the initial proceeds.

A Gift of Hidden Gold?…

The holidays are now upon us. I was surprised recently by friends asking me how to get hold of additional copies of the Hidden Gold CD to give as gifts. I’m deeply flattered to know that people not only have enjoyed the album, but consider it something they would want to give to their friends.

We have now raised over $1,100 for early intervention programs, and the holidays present us with an opportunity to help these programs even further, and get this music out to new listeners who might appreciate it. So, in the spirit of enabling savvy online shoppers, I’ll remind you that Hidden Gold is as easy as ever to order online. Kunaki will deliver beautiful, professional-quality CDs to you in about a week, anywhere in the world, and while CDs cost a little more than online downloads, they also raise more for our efforts than any other form of purchase. So if you enjoy the album (or are listening on our music page for the first time and think it’s pretty cool), I invite you to consider it as a simple option for your holiday shopping.

Telling Our Story

Telling Our Story

Inspired by the Hidden Gold project and our donations to The Therapeutic Nursery, the Kaplen JCC on the Palisades included a story on our family’s experience with the Nursery in the December/January issue of their internal publication, In the Center. Spencer, as always, did not hesitate to allow his story to be published if it could benefit the program and the cause of early intervention in general. He basically said something along the lines of “Dad, did I stutter?”

It’s a beautiful article, and you can read it here.

Update: Album fundraising

I wanted to share with you that with the handful of Hidden Gold CD’s that were purchased at Winter Nights, the total amount of funding we have raised for The Therapeutic Nursery has just passed the $1,000 mark. There will be more still, as funds are trickling in from streaming services and iTunes singles and the like. I want to thank you all again for supporting this project and making this possible. We’ll send a second check for the additional balance to the Nursery at year end.

I also want to mention that I’ve heard recently from a few SCA performers who have told me they’ve been inspired by this project to work on bardic recordings of their own, and are considering using them as donation platforms for worthy causes. If that were to be the lasting legacy of our work on this project, nothing would make me happier.