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A Gift of Hidden Gold?…

The holidays are now upon us. I was surprised recently by friends asking me how to get hold of additional copies of the Hidden Gold CD to give as gifts. I’m deeply flattered to know that people not only have enjoyed the album, but consider it something they would want to give to their friends.

We have now raised over $1,100 for early intervention programs, and the holidays present us with an opportunity to help these programs even further, and get this music out to new listeners who might appreciate it. So, in the spirit of enabling savvy online shoppers, I’ll remind you that Hidden Gold is as easy as ever to order online. Kunaki will deliver beautiful, professional-quality CDs to you in about a week, anywhere in the world, and while CDs cost a little more than online downloads, they also raise more for our efforts than any other form of purchase. So if you enjoy the album (or are listening on our music page for the first time and think it’s pretty cool), I invite you to consider it as a simple option for your holiday shopping.

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