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A Successful Bardic Showcase

So…the EK Midrealm Bardic Showcase went off with nary a hitch worth noting. That was spectacular. (Available on YouTube if you missed it, or want to see it agaion.) I want to take a moment to recognize all the effort that went into making this Pennsic highlight a reality in this unique moment.

First, to my fellow kingdom bards:

  • THL Honor von Atzinger, Dragon Bard, whose enthusiasm, delight, and communication to all the royals of the Known World made this possible, coupled her with her irresistible Master of Ceremonies skills.
  • Master Grim the Skald, Sovereign’s Bard who introduced me to the EK Bardic community once upon a time, thank you for bringing an experienced, steady, supportive hand, and a critical dose of zen. Your comfort sitting backstage and sharing the live stream audience feedback was wonderful for our composure and morale.

Now to the support team:

  • Mistress Zsof of the Midrealm, formerly my Laurel, always my mentor and invaluable friend, holding up the Mid’s end of this event as ongoing coordinator was an unalloyed blessing. Your institutional knowledge, your cool head, and your willingness to run the Zoom call and handle the videos, made everything smoother and less stressful.
  • On the Eastern end, Mistress Sabine of the East brought, as you always do, selfless care and dedication to SCA institutions. Thank you for working with Zsof and us so graciously, answering our questions, and always being ready to reassure that things were coming together just fine. You are a bright star in the constellation that is our kingdom.
  • To OUR knight in shining armor, Matthias von Würtzburg, EK Webminister, who volunteered your own time with barely a week to spare when I finally came to you with our ask, thank you for making the Zoom call and the livestream happen. After the tireless hours I know you have spent preparing for and executing Coronation this morning and afternoon, this extra mile for the bardic community was a blessing without price.

To the royals who answered our call for performer recommendations and introductions, thank you. You were gracious, generous, and often quite witty. You showed passion and support for the arts, and exquisite taste in your choices.

The perfomers: THANK YOU! You were all friendly, ready to go, prepared, and consummate entertainers. Thank you for those of you who sent us performances remotely so we could savor your talents. Thank you for those who came, and all showed up on time for opening, and stayed for the whole thing. Your brilliance and fire humbles me. I’m proud to be among your number.

Finally, the audience who watched and listened, commented, and responded. (A special shout out to TRM Kurn and Maisie of Trimaris, who really put themselves into this, getting a performer to us, a video introduction, a steady flow of encouragement during the showcase, and a moving note to us after.)

The voice and the memory of the Society is its bards. I’m proud and happy to see that in the midst of this time of trial, the fire burns strong still.

Your grateful servant,
Lord Drake Oranwood, Consort’s Bard, East

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