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Remaster of “Tam Lin” with Heather Dale this weekend!

I’m re-releasing a favorite track this weekend. Saturday marks the 5 year anniversary of Hidden Gold, my first (and so far only) solo album, and I wanted to mark the occasion. I have completely remixed and remastered “Tam Lin of the Elves”, featuring the magnificent Heather Dale. I love that song, and the recording is unquestionably the most popular track from the album. But honestly, the album in general, and that track in particular, suffered from my complete lack of experience with mixing and sound engineering. The mix is solid, I know…but Heather’s ethereal descant vocals really don’t come through the way I wanted them to.

I will be posting a deep dive for recording geeks breaking down how I reworked the track to get the sound I felt was missing from the original. But this weekend, anyone who cares about this song will get to hear it like they’ve never heard it before.

In light of recent events in our nation and around the world, I’m releasing this on Bandcamp using a pay-what-you-want model, but all revenue this re-release (or anything from Hidden Gold) generate for the rest of 2020 will be donated toward racial justice oriented charities, such as the Black Lives Matter DC Legal Support Fund.

And now that I’m thinking about it, I’m not going to wait until Saturday. It’s going to go out on Bandcamp on Friday, which will be Juneteenth. (I realize that this song isn’t thematic to the current conversations about equality and race. A recording along those lines is in the works, but it is in the very early stages–more about that later.)

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