Sneak peek offer!

My beloved music family,

In a little over two weeks, my first album, Hidden Gold, will have its five year anniversary. It was a milestone for me.

I have been working on a full remix and remaster of the most popular track from the album, “Tam Lin of the Elves”, brought to life with the help of the incomparable Heather Dale. I always loved the song, but my inexperience as a mixing engineer shows on the original release, and much of the beauty and delicacy of her vocals got a little buried in the mix.

I’m excited to announce that on Saturday June 20, the anniversary date, the 2020 Remaster will be available everywhere you find music, and you’ve never heard the song like this before. [EDIT: I’ll be releasing the remaster on Bandcamp that day. Distribution may take longer to other outlets, due to COVID-19 delays.] So I’m making a special limited time offer…

Everyone who comments on this post, responds on Facebook or Twitter, or emails me with a request, will receive a secret link, for an advance sneak listen of the new version.

Ever yours,

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