Sorry about the radio silence

Hi friends,

Yes, it’s the last weeks leading up to the East Kingdom Bardic Championships, which will be held a week from Saturday in Delaware. Yes. I’m competing this year. (You know that our glorious Queen Margarita is a bard, right?)

I am following my wife’s advice and “keeping my powder dry” while I work on my competition pieces. I will, as is my custom, do a deep dive share on my preparation process (some of which has already been discussed at some length on this blog)…but I have learned that some element of surprise is invaluable in competitive performance, so I have gone rather quiet since the holidays.

I promise you this…I am preparing the absolutely “Drake-est” competition entries I have ever undertaken. And I will share the results for every round I make it through.

I’m planning to have a blast, and I hope to see you there.

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