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An Announcement

This announcement went out to the appropriate lists this morning, so I am pleased to share it here:

Greetings from Mesterno Tyzes ‘Zsof’ Sofia, Master Toki Skáldagörvir and Master Peregrine the Illuminator;

Peregrine and Toki happily announce (with Zsof’s blessing) that we claim Drake Oranwood as our joint student.

In consultation with the three of us, Drake has made this decision to transition from being Zsof’s apprentice to being our joint student. The decision is made in part to bring his peer relationships closer to his home in the East Kingdom, and to take advantage of our strengths.

· Peregrine brings his knowledge of music research and composition, helping Drake advance his existing research and songwriting skills.

· Toki will bring his approach of working with “the whole student” – art, performance, helping Drake continually be the person he wants to be, work-life-hobby balance, and guidance along paths to further success.

· Both Peregrine and Toki will bring their strengths in storytelling, performance, and other topics, as well as their willingness to listen.

If you have praise for Drake, please tell Drake, and us, and the world.

If you have constructive criticism for Drake, please tell Drake, and tell Toki and/or Peregrine. We look forward to the conversations.

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