Studio Day: Untitled Album, Day 1

It’s time to get started. I’m assembling concept tracks for four of my newer songs, and reaching out to musicians to begin coordinating. I’m targeting a release for next year, but we’ll see how things go. More updates as this project unfolds.

2 replies on “Studio Day: Untitled Album, Day 1”

[…] So, the first thing I needed to do was start four new recording projects in Logic Pro (my Digital Audio Workstation of choice), build the superstructure for each track, and record guide vocals. I used to spend time doing simulated guitar work in Garage Band for iPad, but I realized I don’t need to do that. I can export my sheet music from MuseScore as MIDI files, and import the MIDIs into Logic Pro as instrumental melody tracks. (The import pulls in time signatures from my score.) Then I determine the exact tempo, put in space for intros, instrumental breaks, and the like, and then record my guide vocals listening to the melody tracks to keep me on pitch. I did all of that work a few weeks ago. […]


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