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Meet Charlotte Stark of Æthelmearc!

The SCA Bardic Arts group on Facebook has been a hive of recent activity, to my great delight. Maybe it’s the late arrival of Spring, I don’t know. But when a bold and eager young bard introduced herself as Charlotte Stark of Æthelmearc, I immediately commented:

(By the way, I am SO going to challenge you to write an amusing song or poem with the refrain “I’m Charlotte Stark of Æthelmearc!” Because you need to have repeated opportunities to say that. It’s delightful.)

I was being tongue-in-cheek, but also serious. And in that spirit, Charlotte answered my morning’s challenge with a full set of lyrics that very evening. I’m sharing them with her permission, and great delight, because in not quite four weeks, but she has composed a tune, recorded it with a lovely sure voice, and posted it on SoundCloud. I’m thrilled to see someone fall in love with bardic like this (she has written at least three songs already that I know of), and if I’m not mistaken we will get at least a taste of her talent at Pennsic this year.

Charlotte Stark of Aethelmearc © 2017 Kara Burkhart

Journey to the maypole
A festival so grand,
Did Charlotte Stark of Aethelmearc,
Away to join the band.

A scoundrel from the forest stepped,
To steal the queen of May,
But Charlotte Stark of Aethelmearc
Stood fast in his way.

I am Charlotte Stark of Aethelmearc!
And though you may think me mad,
I would take up arms against my foes,
No mercy shall be had.

Long he laughed to see her there,
No blade within her hand.
Yet still she dared to challenge him,
Still she dared to stand.

I am Charlotte Stark of Aethelmearc!
And though you think you’ve won
To ribbons I shall cut you,
before this day is done.

Round the maypole, they did weave,
But ne’re a strike did land,
And soon she had him tied in knots,
two ribbons in her hand.

I am Charlotte Stark of Aethelmearc,
And you may think me mad,
But two ribbons I have cut in sooth
And mercy have I had.

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