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Wille Vilse (Call Me Will – Swedish version)

Another update I failed to mention. To my surprise and delight, I get to check two items off my artist bucket list that weren’t really on my radar:

  1. Have my work recorded by another performer.
  2. Have my work translated into another language.

I recently became friends with Swedish LARPer Solvej von Malmborg, who had been seeking music appropriate for LARP events. I pointed her toward my music, and “Call Me Will” in particular, as possibly the sort of thing that might go over well.

I was flattered when she asked permission to attempt a Swedish translation. You can see the results here. You can also listen to Solvej’s beautiful rendering of the piece, which sounds impressively sexy in her language:

[UPDATE] Here is the literal translation back from the Swedish given to me by Solvej, demonstrating the challenge it presented. A lot of the original couldn’t translate directly.

Come to the window, my love, do you hear my voice?
Surely you have heard it in an elusive dream.
Listen, it’s calling for you – leave the rowan cross at home
The reward awaits you beyond the stream.

The wind caresses your hair shamelessly
I want to come closer than the wind is able/allowed
Give in to temptation and come, surrender to me

Come over the bridge, follow me – I can feel your pain,
the one you have been hiding behind your smiles bonewhite luster.
With my tune I shall penetrate your heart,
make you leave all sorrow in a whirling dance.

When you have reached past the river,
it is too late to track where you have went,
nobody stops you from eloping with me.

Don’t let your eyes rest on me for too long, now,
just look at the flame in the lamp I carry.
Deep into the woods the light shall
guide you now!
I have prepared a gift that awaits you there.

In you blazes burning hot
a wondrous flame of vividness –
Can it melt my cruel heart of ice?

Take a few steps out into the mire, feel the ground disappear,
far away are the qualm and agony you felt just now.
Left is only the fear that can be seen in your eyes.
I will instantly remove it with a lulling kiss.

In the depth you are eternally mine,
close your eyes now, love, and sleep,
You are trapped, seized in my strangling arms.

I’m a will-o’-the-wisp, rest forever in my arms.

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