bardic SCA

First thoughts on EK Bardic Champions

As they say on Food Network, some days you just get outcooked. However, I am as happy as I could possibly be having left without a champion’s baldric. I faced the East’s very best, made it to the finals for the first time, and gave the best performances I had in me. In the end, there were honors enough to go around. I am Zsof’s apprentice, my son is now a Tyger’s cub, and my new anthem for the East Kingdom was a smashing success. (So much so that their Majesties pulled the rug out from under everyone and surprised me with an impromptu award of the Silver Brooch! Definitely feeling the love.)

Don’t get me wrong. I really wanted to win…and I’m delighted for the two that did. Lady Aethelflied Brewbane, the new King’s Bard, and Mistress Alys Mackintosh, Queen’s Bard, truly brought it. The best of a day of inspired performances all around.

Seeing Magnus and Suba get their well-deserved elevations was icing on the cake.

I love the hell out of this kingdom. I’m glad I got the chance today to tell it how I feel.

After we get home, I plan to post a pretty detailed post-game analysis, laying out the day, how I prepped for it, and possibly video. (While I may not have won, I have the satisfaction of having gotten thisclose, so sharing my process could be of value. Besides, my Laurel told me I have to.)

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