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Bardic Circles!

This past weekend’s bardic circle at our home in Rusted Woodlands was a great success. We had 10 participants, including a couple of audience members, but everyone contributed at least one song or story (though that’s never required at one of these). We had performers with varying levels of experience, and there was a lot of thoughtful question-and-answer along with the performances. It was a little like a cross between a regular circle and a collegium panel discussion. Thanks to everyone who was part of it.

Next month, we will be holding our next circle on Sunday, February 21 from 11 am to 7 pm in Northpass (Mohegan Lake, NY), hosted by Lilie Dubh and Friderich Grimme. It will be a longer session, to give performers the opportunity to polish pieces they plan to perform at Bardic Champions Tourney in March.

Bards, cooks, and audience members are all welcome. There will be food served. If you aren’t on Facebook and are interested, please contact Friderich Grimme ( for information about attending.

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