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Looking Back

2015 will always be a special year to me. I finished Hidden Gold, and shared it with the world, and people discovered my music. We have raised over $1,100 for The Therapeutic Nursery. And a few other key events came to pass that I wasn’t necessarily expecting.

One of these I never got around to sharing, because it happened in the middle of a month that was full of other good news and it felt a little unseemly to share at the time. But I don’t want to leave the year behind without mentioning it, because in its own way it was just as exciting as anything else that happened. In late October, my wife and I received an invitation to Ellen Kushner’s birthday party, which she and her wife, Delia Sherman, were hosting in their home. I have name-checked Ellen several times on this site, since her phenomenal novelization of Thomas the Rhymer was a touchstone for me as a bard, inspiring several of my songs, most notably “Tam Lin of the Elves”. She is one of my all-time favorite authors, and one of the great blessings of having Jess in my life is that she and I ended up becoming personal friends with Ellen.

Ellen greeted us warmly, and asked me at the door if I would be singing for her at the party. Needless to say, I was happy to oblige. Later in the party, Ellen introduced me to her friends as (I kid you not) her “personal bard”. I managed to keep it together long enough to give over “Tam Lin” to an enthusiastic crowd of authors, editors, and other creative folks, which led off a lovely little bardic circle. This is one of those memories that I will cherish all my days.

I hope that all of you had the opportunity to touch some of your dreams this past year, and if not, that you will in the year to come. I have a few more big plans in store for 2016, and will share them as fortune allows. I hope you’re safe with cherished loved ones tonight to ring in the new year, and that the challenges ahead will lead you to joy.

Happy New Year.

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