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Welcome to the echo chamber :)

I have been quietly enjoying a trickle of acknowledgment that others have begun making their way here and browsing around.  The blog is getting followed by one or two other bloggers, and pages are getting “liked”.  The Facebook page I set up for Drake last year (quite prematurely, I soon realized, when what I really wanted at the time turned out to be this website) has been picking up a few “likes” here and there the past few weeks, and from people I don’t actually know.  Small confession: it makes me smile. But I’m sure many of you have the same experience.

It’s intriguing to realize, for the first time since I started this project, that the evidence tells me I’m no longer writing just for myself.  Whether I share these posts and the song pages on Facebook or not, there are people who will find and read what I’m writing here.  It’s a teensy bit unnerving–but it was really the point of the exercise.

So I will address this with more of a picture in my mind of who some of you are.  Welcome.  (And in my mind I hear a “Welcome welcome welcome” as this echoes back to me through your eyes. Which is a really weird mixed metaphor.)

Oh, and a couple of status updates:

  1. I’m working my way through the song pages, and slowly adding and cleaning up the chords sections.  Some of them are missing, some need to be corrected.  Most needed better formatting (which I’ve finally learned how to do) so that the timing of chords in the song was clearer.  Wanted you to know I’m getting there.  (I am keeping the sheet music fixes up to date…currently all the songs have sheet music that is accurate to the best of my knowledge.)
  2. In a week I return to Winter Nights in Concordia.  Concordia: now my Scadian home!  The competition has a new format this year, and I have no idea whether I have a good shot at winning the armband.  But that’s actually not my primary objective: I’m hoping to earn the honor of serving my new home, and my baron’s final year of service, as Baronial Bard of Concordia for next year.  (Sucking in the fear…I’m owning it here, and will report on whether or not I achieve this goal in a week when the event is over.)

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