Catching up

It’s been a busy month, but there haven’t been any big developments that felt like they were ripe to share in the bardic sphere. A bunch of things are going on that were, well, “bardic-adjacent”, or of some potential interest, or that involved bards. And there are some overdue updates I’m realizing I should have shared sooner. Sorry for running silent.

First off, I realized that I never posted about sending off the final official donation to the Therapeutic Nursery last December, honoring our two-year commitment to dedicate all proceeds from Hidden Gold to that worthy cause. The last $400 check brings our total donation to just under $2,000. (I reserve the right to make further donations if the album ends up raising enough additional funds to justify further checks, but have completed the pledge.) This was a project that was wonderful to see reach fruition.

Speaking of donation albums, there are some funds from Sing for the East sitting in our PayPal account, mainly from Birka sales back in January. We’ll probably wait until after the upcoming East Kingdom 50 Year event in June, where the SFTE bards will be presenting a concert album, and where we will have more copies on sale. (I’m pleased to say the sales were robust enough to justify a substantial re-order.)

I’m also happy to report that we have created three special fundraiser CDs, with covers autographed by every songwriter and lead vocalist that lives in the East Kingdom. (Yes, all of them.) Two of those have been won in private royal fundraisers for the reigns of Ivan & Matilde, followed by Brennan III and Caoilfhionn III, and have been delivered to the winners in good condition. I’m in possession of the final copy, and will be saving it for something special. (Not that I’m not telling you, I just don’t know yet. Oh, and in case it isn’t obvious, the crosshatch marks above the middle of the CD title? That’s Mistress Aife’s signature. In runes. Because that’s how she rolls…or is it scrolls?)

In other recording news, Efenwealt Wystle has been planning a limited-run CD Sampler for Pennsic. I am polishing my recording of “What if a day” (the song I performed at K&Q), and incorporating the final component of Juliana la Badele’s “Tir Righ Rise”, Arden of Icomb’s crucial drums and percussion. (I’ll be posting more about this shortly.)

The other thing that kept me busy has been travel. Some of you know that my company, Bluewolf, selected me as a PRIME Champion at the end of last year, and I got to go on a four-day trip to Marrakech, Morocco, with a plus-one. I ended up traveling with the delightful Bird the Bard, and we had a rich, historically-informed adventure together.

Oh, and I have a new Ukrainian travel lute guitar. (Because of course I do.) Honestly, I’m not one of those people perpetually on the hunt for a new instrument, but Rosalind is not suited for Pennsic temperature extremes, and I need something with more projection than the old Martin Backpacker guitar at this point. (And yes, I felt compelled to get something with a basic lute shape because, honestly, if I want to keep the audience from being distracted by the presence of a wholly modern-looking guitar in my kit, I’m not ready to count on my playing skills to do it.)

There will be other, less adjacent things to share soon. (Yep, that’s what Lucien used to call my “wall of text”, all right. Heh.)

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