Find me at Pennsic

We are officially confirmed for Pennsic (and have actually gotten most of the prep done). Here’s how you can find me:

We are camped once again at Maguire’s Marauders, block N06 (across from the big Performing Arts tent and Pennsic University, and next to Ansteorra Royal). Note that we’re at Pennsic from first Sunday through Wednesday night of War Week. (New job, I need a few days to recover so I can go in fresh.)

My Pennsic concert, Troubadour Next Door, will be on Monday, August 7, 8-9 pm in the Performing Arts tent. It will feature some audience favorites, my newest songs, a period piece or two…and yes, a Hamilton filk (that I didn’t write). Here are classes I’ll be teaching:

The New Bard’s Road Map, Pennsic University, A&S 9. A how-to primer for new or aspiring bards. Developing a repertoire, finding performance opportunities, seeking mentors and patrons, gaining visibility, becoming part of the bardic community.

Thy Name Is Woman: Elizabethan Men on Women, Pennsic University, A&S 5.

Songwriting to Tell a Story, Storytelling Academy, Minerva’s Spindle. (The daily Storytelling Academy at Minerva’s Spindle has invited a rotating cast of guest teachers this year.) Principles and guidelines for constructing tight, compelling, original SCA-appropriate songs that capture (and hold) an audience. The focus is on lyrics, song and story structure. How is writing a good lyric different from writing a good poem? Create a singable story that is entertaining, engaging, and will hold the attention of a SCAdian audience (who enjoy period material, but still prefer a song that runs 5 minutes or under).

In addition, I hope to get to as many of the major bardic circles as I can.

Note that even when you aren’t seeing me, you can hear me, since both CDs I produced, Hidden Gold and Sing for the East, will be on sale at Camelot Treasures (booth 30) and John ap Wyn.

See you there!

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