concert Pennsic

Update to Concert Guest List

A quick update on the guest list for my concert next Tuesday at 8. I’ve realized that in my zeal to collaborate with some of the SCA’s wonderful performers, I went a little overboard, to the point that it will be a tall order both to rehearse with everyone, and to manage the flow of a one-hour concert with this many introductions to make. 

Knowing that these performers are also busy folks, many of them with their own concerts coming up (see below), I checked in to see if I could turn the scope back down below 11. Emer nic Aidan has agreed to make space and focus on her other commitments. You can still enjoy Emer on stage this Friday at 9 pm, during her “Sea and Fire” concert with Lorelei Skye. 

And while we’re discussing it, let me gratefully plug Efenwealt Wystle, whose concert is Sunday at 8 pm, and Ken and Lisa Theriot, who will be performing immediately after my set Tuesday Night at 9 pm. 

I’ll let you know if there are any other changes. 

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